Photo shows clear match between Russian BUK Telar seen in Russia and in Ukraine on day of shotdown MH17

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A never published screenshot of a video showing  a Russian armed forces BUK TELAR in Eastern Ukraine clearly shows this is the same BUK which was  seen in Russia being transported to the Russian/Ukraine border.

The photo on the left shows BUK TELAR with registration number 332 on transport. The transport was filmed by a Russian citizen on June 24, 2014 near Alexeyevka. Bellingcat made a reconstruction of the route of the transport originating from the base in Kursk.

The photo on the right shows the same BUK while being transported on a lowloader trailer in Ukraine. The number 332 has been partly removed.

On July 17, 2014 someone driving in a car near Makiivka filmed the same BUK TELAR now loaded on a lowloader pulled by a Volvo truck. Bellingcat documented the details about this video here.

The recording of that dashcam video was uploaded to Youtube on May 3rd 2016. The quality of the video was reduced compared to the original recording and details were masked to prevent detection of the identity of the person who uploaded the recording.

At the pressconference of JIT at May 24, 2018 instead of the blurry video, a much more detailled screenshot of the same dashcam video  was shown in a video animation. This video shows the similarity of the BUK seen in Russia and the one at July 17, 2014.

The detailled photo also shows the report made by a Russian group which called itself ‘Anti-Bellingcat’ is nonsense. The group stated that a folding platform (step) could not be seen on the BUK seen in Makiivka dashcam. This folding platform was seen in the unfolded position on the BUK as recorded on tape/photo while in Russia. Some BUKs lack such a folding platform. So the group believed the BUK in Makiivka, Ukraine was a different one than the one seen in Russia. This believe was reported many times by Russian Kremlin controlled media.

Now this detailled screenshot makes clear that report was nonsense. The folding platform, now in the folded position can  clearly be seen.

The animated gif shown below clearly shows the difference in quality between the two videos. Click on the image to see the animation.

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