Perfect example of framing separatists by Australian media

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There are many examples of framing of Russia and separatists by media . This is a clear example. states in an article dated July 18, 2014 :

RUSSIAN rebel military chief Igor ‘The Terrible’ Strelkov has allegedly been filmed in a mobile phone video of MH17 plane as it crashed, gleefully bragging “That was a blast — look at the smoke!”.

However, the video was made by people living in the area. None of them are separatists. People in Donbass are pro Russia and pro separatists so that explains why they say these things. This video can be seen at many places on internet. The translation is not always correct.



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7 Comments on Perfect example of framing separatists by Australian media

  1. The author of the blog often try to present situation in a way that there were few witnesses of Buk in Donbass. Yet at 0:25 the one can distinctively hear “Не зря привезли. Да?”. “They didn’t bring it for nothing, don’t they?”. It sound like a reference to Buk. It seems that Russian AA missiles presence was well-known in the area.

    • What is being said is impossible to know exactly. The separatists also had other SAM systems. I have seen a photo of a SA-8 Gecko with separatists on it.
      I still wait for the satellite photos of DigitalGlobe showing the BUK enroute. Remember it was a clear morning. Hardly clouds from 05:30 till at least 12:00 AM

    • The men whose voices were recorded on this video were just saying what they were watching. One says about the plane: “Maybe, it was shot at?” Judging from this “maybe”, these men did not know what happened and were just guessing. Only one man sounds upbeat, the one who says: “They didn’t bring it for nothing, didn’t they?” Given his indeed gleeful tone, it might be that his remark was sarcastic and its meaning was “it was good that they [Ukraine Air Force] brought it [the plane] here, as they lost it as a result”.

  2. Governments universally claim that their media are independent. Media demonstrate that the claim is false.

    The result of government/media cooperation is character assassination in the media that precedes and/or follows murder by governments.

    Government are willing to murder people in order to discredit rival governments. This is seen on a small scale in plots like the recently revealed Operation Beluga. It is seen on a large scale in plots like Operation Northwoods. Any government who is willing to murder its own people will have no qualms about murdering a plane load of citizens of other countries.

    If the motive for shooting down MH17 was to discredit Putin and destabilize the Russia Federation, then the evil event was a success by any measure. If one assumes this was the motive, then the pool of suspects is larger than Ukraine/separatists/Russia.

  3. Assume the downing of MH17 was a deliberate act that was done to discredit Putin and destabilize the Russia Federation. Put yourself in the shoes of the government who planned the event.

    What weapon would you use given your need to make it look like Russia was responsible? You would not use a ground-to-air missile because it would be too difficult to move it into position, fire the missile and remove the launcher, all undetected.

    It would be much easier to shoot down MH17 with an air-to-air missile at high altitude at a time when cloud cover will obstruct the vision of potential witnesses on the ground.

    Making it look like Russia did it with a ground-to-air missile is easy. Crank up the Putin-did-it rhetoric in the media. Enhance the lies with easily fabricated social media. Enlist and pay for the support of “independent” third party investigators. Obstruct investigations. Accuse your victim of obstructing investigations. Call anyone who raises an eyebrow a conspiracy theorist and a Russia lover.

    The formula is well established and reliable. It is easy to implement if you are a government.

    • sotilaspassi // April 4, 2016 at 10:39 am // Reply

      1) Stealth jet.
      2) A-A missile with BUK M1 warhead.
      3) cloud cover.

      And still the jet might become seen by those other passenger airliners.

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