Patrick Lancaster again finds bones at MH17 crash site which have clearly have been dropped there by someone.

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A freelance journalist covering the Ukraine war on the Donetsk People Republic side again found bones at the MH17 crashsite. The man called Patrick Lancaster published a video at December 11, 2o17.

At December 13 Lancaster handed over what he found to the Public Prosecution Service office of the DPR. At his Facebook site Lancaster writes:

I have just turn over the 52 pieces of bones and 1 necklace that I found at the MH17 crash site(9 Dec 2017) to the Donetsk Peoples Republic General Prosecutors office for delivery to the MH17 investigation team.
These pieces included teeth, jaw bones and many other unidentified bones.
Video report on the way.

Below a photo as shown on the Facebook site. The site itself has some more photos.

A video of the handover can be seen here. 

However, it is 100% clear these bones were placed by someone. The exact spot Lancaster finds the bones has been searched in detail by a recovery team in April 2015 as a BBC video clearly shows.

In October 2017 I wrote this blogpost about Lancaster and the bones he found at the crash site. In this blogpost it is made clear bones are placed by someone to discredit the investigation.

Now lets compare the BBC video of the searching done in April 2015 and the recent finding by Lancaster.

BBC reporter Tom Burridge can be seen in the left photo. A few seconds earlier the video clearly shows men searching the soil for bones . On the photo on the right we see Patrick Lancaster in his video published in December 2017. He stands next to a stone under which he found several bones.

The red box shows exactly the same tree. Mind the house in the background. It is the same house. Tom Burridge is standing just a few meters from the spot where Lancaster is standing.


Now lets take the BBC video, make some screenshots and stitch them to a panorama. This wil provide a better look at where Lancaster found the bones.

The red box,where the four men are searching for human remains, is where Lancaster found the bones.

It is totally impossible the bones found by Lancaster in December 2017 where there at July 2014 after the crash or in April 2015 when the BBC filmed here.

Someone hide those bones under the rock so Lancaster could find and film it.

Patrick Lancaster agrees. In a Tweet at December 11 he wrote:


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  1. I agree he’s trying to discredit the investigation and make it look sloppy. But Just playing devils advocate on this for a moment -the explanation may be more innocent or at least less cynical. It is possible there are people in the area who know Patrick Lancaster comes looking for bones. Maybe a farmer from nearby finds a bone, then another and decides if he reports this they’ll shut down his land while they search it. So he gathers what he has collected and brings them somewhere they’ll be found without him having to answer any questions. The placement of the bones found there, that was done almost like a burial -as respectfully as possible and with a stone placed on top to make sure they’d not be taken by birds or other animals -and quite recently I bet too.

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