Overview of response to next of kin letters to leaders US, Ukraine and Russia

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Next of kin of MH17 passengers wrote letters to Minister of Foreign Affairs Kerry, President Putin and President Poroshenko.

They families requested full cooperation with the investigation and requested to hand over any radar and satellite data.

Status per February 14 2016 on those letters:

John Kerry did not respond to the letter sent January 5, 2016. The US Embassy in the Netherlands confirmed the letter was received.

Russia responded in early February by a letter of Rosaviatsiya. The next of kin did not receive a letter of fax, email. The letter was published by Russia Today.

Ukraine did not respond.


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2 Comments on Overview of response to next of kin letters to leaders US, Ukraine and Russia

  1. After all, Russia has responded to the letter.
    I do understand that the Russians are looking for the public. Too often their concerns to the final report have been ignored by the Western media.
    However, it is bad style not to send the letter also to the relatives themselves.

  2. Charles Wood // February 14, 2016 at 1:37 pm // Reply

    It would be interesting is Russia published all data they gave to the DSB and copies of all correspondence.

    Both are quasi in the public domain and by publishing the material Russia would become the most transparent party in the investigation (if they aren’t already)

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