Overview of high ranking Ukraine officials stepping down

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A lot of high ranking people stepped down in Ukraine government, secret service and prosecution.

This is an overview of recent development

At February 16 2015 General Prosecutor Victor Shokin has quit. Shokin submitted his resignation after the country’ President Petro Poroshenko publicly asked him to step down.

At February 15 2015 Vitaly Kasko,  a deputy general prosecutor resigned, saying he was fed up with endemic corruption in the country’s judiciary. Kasko accused Viktor Shoikon, the Poroshenko-appointed general prosecutor, of derailing anti-graft cases and sidelining investigations into the 2014 shootings on Kiev’s Independence Square.

At February 4 economic minister Aivaras Abromavičius resigns. Reason is that he believes president Poroshenko is too slow with fighting corruption and doing reforms.


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  1. Typo: should be 2016, not 2015. Happens to me all the time, too 🙂

    The Ukraine will have its fourth prosecutor general in 2 years, after “Svoboda”-man Oleh Mahnitskyi, and Vitaly Yarema, former Member of Yats’ party “Fatherland”.


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