Overview of evidence MH17 was shot down by a BUK missile. Only idiots believe a SU-25 downed MH17

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Some notorious conspiracy theorists like Peter Haisenko, Kees van der Pijl, Joost NiemollerMichel Chossudovsky and Andrei Raevsky believe an Ukraine fighterjet downed MH17 despite the enormous amount of evidence showing a Buk missile downed MH17.

This blogpost will document all the evidence showing a Buk missile is the cause of the downing.

  1. MH17 was hit by shrapnel which followed different trajectories. That is typical for a Buk missile warhead which has shrapnel positioned in a 360 degrees circle around an explosive core inside the warhead resulting in different trajectories. Bullets fired from a cannon have the same parallel trajectory as these come from a shared source being the barrel.
  2. Shrapnel with different sizes were found in the human remains of the cockpit crew. No bullets were found.
  3. Different sized holes were observed in the fuselage of MH17. Indicating these were made by shrapnel and not by bullets.
  4. The Dutch Safety Board reported fuselage panels were deformed by the effects of a high pressure wave (blast). Deformation of the fuselage cannot happen when another aircraft fires its cannon from a distance of many dozens of meters.
  5. Parts of the cockpit like window panels showed signs of being exposed to heat
  6. The cockpit voice recorder recorded the sound of an explosion
  7. The location of holes caused by high energy objects was concentrated on the lefthand and upper side of the cockpit. If a cannon was used there would be holes all over the fuselage.
  8. The skin plates were damaged by putting, which may have been caused by the impact of small hot particles such as high explosive residue and molten metal. This cannot have been caused by bullets.
  9. There was no performation damage found in the cockpit bulkhead. If a cannon was used there would be holes in the bulkhead.
  10. The fuselage of MH17 showed soot. That was caused by the extreme powerfull explosion within a couple of meters from the cockpit. If a cannon was used there would not be any soot on the fuselage.
  11. Multiple videos and photos including a satellite photo show a Buk Telar being transported on a low loader on July 17, 2014. Other photos show the Buk Telar driving on its own power towards the launch location. There are no photos, video’s and radar data indicating one of multiple fighterjets were flying in the area where MH17 flew.
  12. Tapped telephone conversations between separatists and Russian people make clear the separatists got hold of at least a single Buk Telar.
  13. Multiple witness living in the area described how they saw a missile flying from the direction of the launch location.
  14. The field where the missile was launched from was burned. Likely to prevent a fire started as a result of the missile launch to spread.
  15. Multiple photos made from two different locations show a smoke plume caused by the Buk missile launch. The location of the smoke plume points towards the launch location.
  16. An image based on SBIRS satellite data provided by the US embassy in Kiev points exactly towards the launch location.
  17. Separatists initially claimed they downed an aircraft. They did not have fighterjets.
  18. The crew of MH17 did not make any mayday call. Indicating the aircraft was destroyed immediately as result of an explosion.


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