Overview of documentaries on MH17

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This is an overview of TV programs dedicated to MH17.

date: July 26 2014

station: TV ZVEZDA

title: : Who Benefits from the downing of #MH17


BBC Panorama – Putins Gamble


date: October 2014

station: TV Channel 1 (Russia)

titel: MH17: A visit at the Crash Site: The locals speak up – ENG SUBS.

Same documentary here as well


date: October 22 2014

station: Russia Today

title: MH17 the untold story 


date: October 30 2014

station: KRO (the Netherlands)

title: Brandpunt Reporter



station: Malaysian TV3

title:  Romeo November Delta.


date: November 24

station: unknow (Russia)

title : Moment of truth


date: January 16 2015

station: Russia Today (Russia)

Title: Reflections on MH17 


date: January 29 2015

station: BBC (UK)

title: Air Crash Investigation 2015 | Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 MH17 Unanswered BBC Documentary 2015


April 2015

station: ARD Das Erste Germany

title: Todesflug MH17 – Warum mussten 298 Menschen sterben? | Das Erste


May 17 2015

60 Minutes Australia 


On June 28 and June 30 KRO Reporter will have two specials on MH17

June 28: Vliegen boven oorlogsgebied
June 30: MH17: reconstructie van een ramp 


End of June and begin of July NOS Nieuwsuur will broadcast two items on MH17 and the war in Ukraine.


At July 12 RTL will broadcast a documentary on MH17. It will focus on the grief of the next of kin.
Hart van Nederland-special
MH17: Het dorp dat zes mensen verloor
Wednesday July 15 at 20.30 on SBS6

MH17: werken op de rampplek
Wednesday July 15 at 21.30 on SBS6
More info here


On July 16 Vara at Dutch TV will broadcast a documentary called “MH17: Het verdriet van Nederland” More info here.

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