One in five 5 Dutch believes Dutch government tries to cover up the MH17 disaster

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According to an article published at December 23, 2017 by Dutch newspaper Volkskrant  20% of Dutch believe the Dutch goverment tries to cover-up MH17. The article does not make clear if the believed cover-up is on the cause of the accident or on other aspects like secret agreements made between Kiev and the Hague. In particular about 50% of voters for rightwing parties PVV and FvD believe in a cover up. Of the voters for traditional parties like VVD, Groenlinks, CDA, D66 and PvdA only 6 to 10 percent believe in a cover up.

The article also mentions that two-thirds of the Dutch agree with Minister Ollongren that the Russians use fake news try to influence the democratic process around the circumstances of the downing of MH17.



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