One of Ukraine’s richest man calls MH17 ‘an accident and a trifle’

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A remarkable video was put online at October 22. The video shows a Skype sort of talk between two persons. The man with the glasses and grey hair  is Ukraine  Igor Kolomoyski with an estimated fortune of $2.4 billion.The man in the corner below is a Russian called Aleksej. Aleksej talked with Kolomoyski for about two months pretending to be  Pavel Gubarev. Gubarev is an Ukrainian pro-Russian activist who proclaimed himself the “People’s Governor” of the Donetsk Region.

Kolomovski says the shot down of MH17 was an accident, a small incident that happened because a serious weapon got into the hands of some amateurs.

You might not have heard of Kolomoyski as main stream media have not spent much attention to him. In Ukraine however he is a very important and well known man. He is the second or third richest person in Ukraine. He owns  Ukrainian bank Privatbank , several Ukraine airlines and Ukraine’s largest gas firm . He is also owner of 1+1 , a  group which owns a lot of tv stations in Ukraine like  Studia 1+1, 2+2 and TET. Recently TV channel Ukraine Today was added,  broadcasting in English.  He is also the owner of football club Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk.

The son of United States Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, is a newly-named director of the Ukrainian natural gas and oil company Burisma Holdings, Ltd., owned by Kolomoisky,

Last but not least  Kolomoyski is said to own/financially support many Pro Kiev militias named Azov, Aidair, Dnjepr 1 and Donbass. Kolomoyski also financially supports the Ukraine army. His army has a  primary purpose  to serve the interests of Ukrainian gas and oil company Burisma Holdings.

Wall Street Journal has an interesting story. This article on Consortiumnews by Robert Parry is also a  very interesting read.

Kolomoisky is the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk oblast in eastern Ukraine. Another oligarch  has been appointed as the new governor of Donetsk Region. Sergey Taruta, who is estimated to worth around $2 billion, putting him among the top-10 wealthiest people in Ukraine. He heads ISD, one of the biggest mining and smelting companies in the world, and also own Donetsk-based Metallurg Football Club.

This VICE article provides a lot more information on the who is who of Ukraine oligarchs.

Back to the talk with the Russian Aleksej.

Kolomoyski said about MH17:

Apparantly it was an accident. Nobody had any intend to take it down

Gave a shot accidentally. Wanted to shot down one plane , hit another one

It is totally normal, not that bad

Sorry about the Boeing, sorry about the people, however it is a trifle

Some serious stuff gets into prentice hands and this kind of [unprintable] rubbish is the result.


It is not clear which one is Kolomoyski refering to regaring the ‘made this mistake’.

Consortiumnews has an interesting article in July which reports on US analysts who saw people wearing Ukraine Army uniforms on satellite photos.

This article on a Russian website has some more details on this video talk. The article also says that Ukraine Army wanted to shot down the Air Force One plane Putin was flying in on July 17 when returning home from Brasil. Both MH17 and Putin’s plane were flying close to eachother near Warschau in Poland.

However, this story cannot be correct as a BUK cannot reach Warschau from any plane in Ukraine.

This is the route of the Russian State IL-96 aircraft. putin-route



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