One of the key witness of downing MH17 ‘arrested’ by Russian secret service

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Russian media at May 12, 2017 reported the arrest of one of the key witness of the downing of MH17.

Colonel Vasiliya Geranin, in 2014 working for the intelligence service of the Russian Federation GRU and stationed in Moscow,  was arrested in May 2017 in Moscow with 2 grenade launchers in the trunk of his car.  Russian newspaper MK reported about the arrest but the original article was deleted. However there is still an archive.  The article states many weapons and ammunition were found in the house of Geranin.

At July 4, 2017 Informnapalm published some more details and stated Geranin was arrested as a protection of MH17 witness.

Unian has the story in english here. 

The name of Geranin first appeared in a recording of a telephone conversation shortly after the downing of MH17. He spoke to separatist leader Igor Bezler.

Here’s an English transcribed recording of Bezler’s report of plane downing to Col. Geranin in Moscow. The original video was posted at July 17, 2014 on the site of the Ukraine secret service SBU. At July 20 SBU published the telephone conversation with Dutch subtitles.

The name of  Geranin also showed up in a meeting by Russian terrorist organization “Union of Donbas Volunteers” (UDV) . He is said to be a member of the Council of Commanders of UDV. (source)



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