One of MH17 keywords: stalling

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One of the most remarkable aspects of MH17 is stalling by Governments and criminal investigation team . Stalling in deliberately slowing down processes.

In many cases it can be an advantage to buy time. As time progresses, the general public losses interest. The media losses interest as other more actual events needs to be covered.

There are many examples of stalling.

  1. it took time before investigators were allowed by separatists to start the investigation
  2. it took an incredible amount of time before wreckage was recovered from the crash site
  3. An approval by the Ukraine parliament was needed to have Dutch recovery team enter the crash site.
  4. Ukraine did not allow the Dutch to negotiate with separatists.
  5. Ukraine end of July 2014 attacked the crash site, delaying the investigation
  6. legal procedures based on Freedom of Information Act are stalled because of last minute objections by the Dutch State
  7. Russia stated it did not have primary radar recordings. Later it handed over radar recordings
  8. Dutch investigation team  takes an incredible amount of time to conclude the radar images of the Ust-Donetsk antenna were hard to read
  9. Dutch investigation team failed to request radar data of both Russian radar antennas. It request radar data of a second antenna 2,5 years later after Russia in public is had those
  10. it takes a lot of time because of Ukraine restrictions to hand over tapped telephone conversations to the Dutch investigation team

I can go on an on but will do later.

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3 Comments on One of MH17 keywords: stalling

  1. Zu 1.
    I recall the facts to be different. The seperatists asked several times urgently to send investigators. The reason it took so much time is spelled out in 3. 4. and 5.
    In the meantime – while Kiev declared it was “unsafe” to enter the crashsite – all kinds of people did so (including several journalists).

    • I read in a Dutch book commissioned by DSB that the DSB people were not allowed by Kiev to go to the crash site.
      One of the reasons given was that it was dangerous as people could be kidnapped.

      To me it reads Kiev did want to delay the investigation into the cause of the accident.

      • sotilaspassi // May 23, 2017 at 6:58 am // Reply

        Annoying situation for investigators.
        Going to the dangerous (according to Kiev) zone would have been (perhaps) the right thing to do, but at the same time they would be giving middle finger to their investigation partner (Ukraine).

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