Novaya Gazeta: “JIT will hand over findings to Dutch court by summer 2019 “

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Russian newpaper Novaya Gazeta, one of the very few media Russian media not under control by the Kremlin, reported on February 9 that:

“By the summer of 2019, JIT investigators are expected to submit their findings to the Netherlands court in The Hague.”

That is a remarkable statement. Firstly because no other media report this news. But also because previously the same journalist of Novaya Gazeta reported in july 2018¬† that “the Joint Investigation Team will finish its criminal investigation into the downing of MH17 this fall.”

That was not the case. So again Novaya Gazeta reports about JIT concluding its investigation. I have strong doubts Novaya Gazeta is correct this time. This new report does a lot of damage to the reputation of journalist Pavel Kanyin if this again turns out to be disinformation.

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