None of victims of MH17 was wearing an oxygen mask

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Dutch  Minister of Foreign Affairs Frans Timmermans did a remarkable statement on a tv show in the Netherlands yesterday. The part of the interview can be seen here.

While being questioned on some questionable  statements during his United Nations speech (“passengers were holding hands”) , Timmermans responded that one of the passengers was found with an oxygen mask still on the face.

The statement is extra remarkable as Timmermans at the moment of the speech at United Nations could not have know about a passenger wearing an oxygen mask.

This news was not released earlier. The Dutch press published this and soon Russian RIA Novosti and some Australian press copied the news. And in the afternoon of October 9 each and every media picked this news up. All mentioning the incorrect statement (like here CNN) that the victim was wearing a mask. In fact the victim had a mask enstrangled over the neck with no fingerprints, NDA or saliva found on mask.

Relatives of the victims however were not informed about this fact. On Twitter a lot of discussion started about this. Also some doubt about the story of a BUK missile being used to shot down the aircraft.

Political reporter Kees Berghuis in the Netherlands tweets that the statement of Timmersmans is incorrect:

1. None of the passengers were found with oxygen mask on the mouth

2. A single passenger was found with an oxygen mask stangled over the neck (source Kees Berghuis)

3. The Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) did  DNA research on that particular oxygen mask. They  did not find any fingerprints, DNA or saliva on the mask (Kees Berghuis)

Also  Dutch reporter Olaf Koens  who was onsite at the crash site and saw about 100 bodies did not see a single body with an oxygen mask still on.

Dutch newspaper Volkskrant reports that the police this morning sent an email to all the relatives that a single Australian passenger was found with an oxygen mask strangled on the neck.

Dutch reporter Jeroen Akkermans who has been on the crash site twice made a telephone call with the firebrigade in East Ukraine who did the recovery of bodies. They as well state they did not see a single body with oxygen mask on it. (Twitter)

Later on October 9 minister Timmermans stated he regreted his statement about the oxygen mask. (RTL)

De Volkskrant has a good summary of what has been paid and why it should not have been said.

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