No, a French “journalist” is not investigating MH17

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A few desinformation websites in August 2019 reported about a French journalist investigating MH17. For example , notorious for its propaganda and fake news, reported here about a French woman called Christel Nean which is said to be investigating MH17.

She is quoted “It’s really a shame that they didn’t clean (the site) properly, didn’t pick up everything and pretend to do investigation with the reconstruction of less than half of the cockpit!”

Fort-russ made a mistake, the actual name of this woman is Christelle Néant. Did Fort-russ spell here name on purpose incorrect so readers were not aware of her role and agenda?

Christelle Néant is described by as someone who ‘provide objective reports from the front line.’ That is not the case. Néant works for a DPR propaganda media company called DONi-News. DONi-News was founded with Russian money by the Finnish national Janus Putkonen in 2015. Before moving to Donetsk, Putkonen acted as “editor-in-chief” of Verkkomedia, publishing conspiracy theories and rumors.

Christelle Néant joined DONi-News around March 2016. One of her tasks is to monitor the work of French journalists. She reads all articles and social media posts of journalists about Eastern Ukraine. She informs the DPR authorities with frequent reports. Journalists are rated using colours in a speadsheet. A red colour means a critical journalist, green colour means the journalist is friendly to the position of the DPR. Based on this judgement the DPR authority decides if a journalist receives an accreditation or not. An accreditation is required for a journalist to work in the DPR.

In september 2016  Néant got the citizenship of Donetsk People’s Republic which includes a passport. Janus Putkonen was the first citizen to receive citizenship.

The name of Néant is seen in the credits of the documentary on MH17 made by conspiracy thinker Max van der Werff and former RT journalist Yana Yerlashova. One of the other names is that of a Twitter troll spreading nonsense on MH17 named Deus Abscondis.

So Néant is not a journalist but a propagandist working for the DPR.





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