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February 19 

‘Rusland wil radar MH17 helpen ontcijferen’ (AD)

’Rusland wil radar MH17 helpen ontcijferen’ (Telegraaf)

February 18

Russia is ready to send experts to help understand radar data (Tass)

February 17

MH17 inquiry grapples with Russian radar-data format (Flightglobal)

Bellingcat: RF Colonel brought launcher that downed MH17 (Crimean News Agency)

Human remains still at MH17 crash site — Dutch reporter (Tass)

MH17-Absturz: Russischer Ex-Offizier bestreitet jede Schuld (Sputniknews)

‘Geen aanwijzingen voor stoffelijke resten op rampplek vlucht MH17’ (NRC)

Ukraine To Renew Search For Remains At MH17 Crash Site After Bone Found (RFERL)

Analysis of Russian radars data on MH17 to take time — Dutch prosecutors (RU Aviation)

February 16 

MH17 Investigation: a lot remains unclear in radar images from Russia (Dutch Prosecution Service)

February 3

Moscow Voicess Readiness to Provide Help to Decode Radar Data on MH17 Crash (Sputnik)

Russia is willing to sent experts to decypher the raw radar data (RT)

February 1

Decoding of Russia’s MH17 Radar Data May Take Minutes, Dutch Accusations Biased (Sputnik)

January 31

Dutch MH17 investigators deliberately stalling to mislead public – Russian air regulator (RT)

Baudet vraagt Trump om nieuw onderzoek naar MH17, nabestaanden geschokt (Volkskrant)

Russia Denies Dutch Claims Radar Data on MH17 Crash Violating Int’l Requirements (Sputnik)

January 30 

JIT Investigation Into MH17 Tragedy Slowly Crumbles Due to Bias (Sputnik)

‘Dutch investigators incompetent, or attempting to protract MH17 probe’ (RT)

Dutch Prosecutors to Send New Request to Russia for MH17 Radar Data (Sputnik)

Dutch Investigators Sabotaging Probe of MH17 Crash – Ex-Russian Official (Sputnik)

January 27

Russische radarbeelden MH17 onbruikbaar (RTL)

Russische radarbeelden MH17 niet goed leesbaar (NOS)

‘MH17-radar Russen deugt niet’ (Telegraaf)

January 26

Further investigation possible at MH17 crash site after Dutch journalist recovers passenger’s bone (RT)

NRC checkt: ‘Apparatuur journalist MH17 werd verzegeld’ (NRC)


Waarschijnlijk nieuwe bergingsoperatie op rampplek MH17 (FD)

BNR radio over MH17 (part 1) (deel 2) (deel 3)


January 24

Will icj shed more light on MH17? (New Strait Times)

January 20 

Mogelijk nader onderzoek rampplek MH17 na vondst menselijke resten (

January 19

Menselijke resten bij een loods (RTL)

January 18

Interview with Michel Spekkers about his visit to the Dutch police to get back his equipment (BNR)

Apparatuur Spekkers terug na verhoor (VillaMedia)

’Botstuk MH17 lag in loods’ (Leidsch Dagblad)

De heer in de Haagse slangenkuil
Hoe professor George Maat (70) het ministerie van Justitie te slim af was (AD)

Journalist verhoord over meenemen bot uit rampgebied MH17 (

January 17

Ukraine sues Russia at highest UN court for ‘acts of terrorism and unlawful aggression’ including downing of MH17 (Independant)

Ukraine Files Action against Russia in International Court of Justice (Pressrelease Ukraine)

Marieke de Hoon about Ukraine filing a case against Russia (BNR)


January 16

EenVandaag Radio about MH17 with Michel Spekkers and Pieter Omtzigt (link)

January 15

Nabestaande MH17: we voelden altijd al dat er nog meer lag (RTV Rijnmond)

January 14

Nabestaanden: opnieuw zoeken naar resten op rampplek MH17 (NOS)

Waarom Russische inmenging een groot thema moet worden. About MH17 hack by probably Russia (NRC)

January 13

Items relating to MH17 were rightfully seized (Dutch public prosecution service)

Menselijke resten tussen meegenomen spullen van rampplek MH17 (RTL Nieuws)

‘Niet alles was opgeruimd, dus nam ik die MH17-resten mee’ (NRC)

Inbeslagname MH17 spullen ’rechtmatig (NH Dagblad)

Asscher durfde niet mobiel met Rutte te bellen na MH17 (RTL)

January 12

Russian diplomat concerned MH17 crash probe results might be censored (Tass)


January 10 

Hoe praat Rusland over de nieuwe vondsten op crashsite MH17? (Volkskrant)

Erfgoedinspectie voert inspectie uit op duurzame bewaring archief MH 17 (Erfgoedinspectie)

Dutch journalist says plane fragments can still be found at MH17 crash site (Tass)

January 9

Dutch court blocks access to data gathered by independent journalists in Donbass (Tass)

Dutch journalists criticize MH17 probe results after finding ‘many pieces’ still at crash site (RT)

Russia Urges OSCE to React to Confiscating of Journalists’ MH17 Materials (Sputnik)

Dutch Police Detain Journalist Carrying MH17 Debris (MoscowTimes)

January 7

’Ik heb dit niet gedaan om nabestaanden MH17 een rotgevoel te geven’ (NoordHolandsDagblad)

January  6

Ergernis over meenemen spullen MH17 (Telegraaf)

Journalist haalt brokstukken weg bij rampplek MH17 (EenVandaag)

Radio NPO1 item on Spekkers

Verontwaardiging over meenemen resten rampplek MH17 (NOS)

Spekkers: Ik doe dit juist voor nabestaanden MH17 (AD)

Na 2,5 jaar: “Nog heel wat (stoffelijke) resten op rampplek MH17” (HLN)

Purmerender brengt resten crash MH17 naar Nederland (RegioPurmerend)

January 5

Malaysia Airlines rejects allegations of negligence over MH17 (

January 3 

Finland did not hand over BUK test data to the Netherlands but will do so soon. (Media)

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  1. I read the BBC story on Dubinsky in Russian. He did not say that he “delivered Buk to a wrong destination”. Nothing like that absolutely. As far as I can understand German, Sputnik’s translation is correct.

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