New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters “no evidence Russia shot down MH17”

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Winston  Peters, Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand and Minister of Foreign Affairs, said in a tv -interview that there is no evidence Russia shot down MH17.

“It was a former Russian missile, true – but who was responsible for setting it off?” Mr Peters asked Newshub Nation host Lisa Owen. “They didn’t find… that the instigator of that atrocity was doing it at behest of the Russian government.”

The interview was about  trade deal between New Zealand and Russia.

The statement can be heard at about  07:10 into the interview here.

This is a remarkable statement. Especially because New Zealand is part of  The Five Eyes, an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Mr  Peters forgets that a BUK TELAR is not available at the supermarket in Russia. It is owned by the Russian army and thus the Russian Federation is liable if people are killed using the weapon. Besides it is extremely unlikely Russia hands over a BUK TELAR without a Russian crew. Tapped telephone conversations make clear the BUK was delivered including a crew.

The Joint Investigation Team in a September 2016 press conference stated it had clear evidence a BUK TELAR surface to air missile system was brought in from Russia, shot down MH17 from separatists controlled area and was then brought back to Russia.

The British Intelligence Service MI6 in 2017 reported “Russian military supplied missile launcher that shot down MH17′

Australian Labor foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong has countered claims made by New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters that there was no evidence Russia was involved in shooting down the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. (source)

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  1. Has Ukraine ever provided an accounting of the deployment position of all its BUK’s in July 17?

    And where is BUK 131 of the 156th in Donetsk? Why was it not deployed with the remaining BUK’s of the 1st Battalion except for the 3 abandoned at the base?

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