New video shows MH17 minutes after it crashed. Eyewitnesses talk about a rocket.

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On Sunday november 16 a new video appeared on the internet showing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 MH17 burning wreckage minutes after it crashed near the village of Grabovo (Hrabove). 

Eyewitnesses on that video are saying they saw a rocket flying towards the aircraft. They initially believed a military aircraft was shot down.

The video was published by Associated Press and also appeared on on the site of

The video published by  Associated Press (AP) is here and lasts 2 minutes and 1 second. AP reports about the video here but does not mention the eyewitnesses talking about a rocket. The translation of the AP video can be found here.


The video published by Russian newspaper  KP.RU is here and is shorter because it has been edited, it lasts 1 minute 20 seconds. Around 36 seconds in the video people start talking about a rocket. See the translation:

Russia Today also covers the story here.

The house with the  green fence shown in this new video is next to the burn site. The area where the middle fuselage, wings and main parts of the engines crashed. This is the area on Google Maps.



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2 Comments on New video shows MH17 minutes after it crashed. Eyewitnesses talk about a rocket.

  1. This behaviour is typical to any crash witness, and should not surprise anyone who had to deal with them: they witnessed the aftermath of the accident, and figured out what must have happened. They knew that military aircraft had been operating in the area, and sometimes were shut down, if you follow the link you will find them asking if the bailed-out pilot had been found already, so they obviously were not even aware what kind of aircraft it was, and their first suspicion was that it was military.

    I don’t want to blame these people for anything, in fact I am glad for them to be still alive: a few meters, and the death toll of MH-17 would have been even higher, including Grabovo residents.

  2. sotilaspassi // September 6, 2016 at 6:43 am // Reply

    “And that lets me know that both of these videos were edited, and we haven’t seen the full version yet.”

    Would be nice to get the true original & unedited video.

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