New photos of MH17 cockpit roof

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I found some new photos of part of the cockpit roof of MH17. One of the parts was shown in Gilze Rijen at October 13. However this part was not used in the 3D reconstruction and was not used in the forensic investigation.

DSB did not use a major part of cockpit roof debris for their investigation. Some parts were photographed in the days after July 17 and then all of a sudden were taken away before DSB could recover those pieces.

Other pieces were later found. I wrote about these pieces here

Russia Today “found” some pieces of the cockpitrooftop in June 2015 and showed these in a documentary.

Now new photos are available.

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  1. Wind Tunnel Man // December 25, 2015 at 12:02 am // Reply


    Thanks for the photos – looks like there could be a few “bow-tie” shaped penetrations of approx the correct size shown?

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