New information on Russian radar data released by Dutch prosecutor

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Dutch Public Prosecution Service released in February some more information on the radar data which was handed over by Russia.

Contrary to earlier statements by the prosecution service, in which it stated that ICAO has requirements on the format of radar data, this time the prosecution service states:

For the exchange of information air traffic control agencies often make use of the so called ASTERIX format, which has been developed by Eurocontrol. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) does not oblige the use of this format, but in a manual it does mention the ASTERIX format as a useful standard.

Russia did not hand over the radar data in ASTERIX format.

The Russian Federation has not provided the radar data using the ASTERIX format. In order to still be able to analyse the images, the Russian authorities had included separate software without a manual.

This software was written in Russian, so first of all it had to be translated. Subsequently, this software had to be tested both for its functionality and its reliability. Translating and getting familiar with the software were both time consuming. Only after that, the data could be analysed

The investigation into the radar data will take more time.

The OM has informed the judicial authorities of the Russian Federation that an additional request for legal assistance will be sent. It will still take considerable time to analyse the radar images.

At February 18, Russian aviation authority Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) FATA responded to the press release of the Dutch Prosecutor here.

FATA claims they handed over the unprocessed raw radar data to the Dutch prosecutor. FATA claims ASTERIX, the preferred data format of the Dutch prosecutor, is already processed data and has only 25% of the original data received by the radar antenna.

FATA is surprised it took Dutch prosecutor three months to conclude they were not able to understand the radar data.


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