Motion Bontes to request Dutch government file complaint at ICAO rejected

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At February 16 a motion submitted by Louis Bontes was rejected by most political parties in Parliament.

The result of the voting is here.

The rejection of the motion is another addition to the long list of indications Dutch government is hiding the truth on MH17. The list is 59 items long.

The motion requested the Dutch government to complain at ICAO against Russia and Ukraine for not handing over primary radar recordings.

Initially Bontes claimed that only PVV and VNL supported the motion. CDA initially rejected the motion during the poll. However this was a mistake and corrected.

CDA supported the motion. Also D66, PVV and VNL

The mistake likely happened because Pieter Omtzigt was not in The Hague. Omtzigt is the government biggest criticaster on MH17. This is the Tweer of Omtzigt confirming CDA supports the motion



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3 Comments on Motion Bontes to request Dutch government file complaint at ICAO rejected

  1. why did PVDA and VVD vote against it? Did they explain?

    • I do not know. My guess: government does not want to interfere with DSB and OM. DSB and OM both stated that radar recordings are not required anymore.
      Bullshit ofcourse. Pure political play of government over 298 killed people. Sad.

  2. Liane Theuer // February 16, 2016 at 8:56 pm // Reply

    The cause of the refusal may be that the ICAO has stated that it can not take any criminal charges (public hearing).
    ICAO can only do an assessment of alleged violations of its laws.
    The regulations for storing radar data are only recommendations, not laws.
    I think the better way would be to consider to what extent the Ukraine and Russia have failed to fulfill their national aviation law.
    In my view, there is regulated, how the radar monitoring and the storing of radar data should happen.

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