More nonsense from Kremlin on MH17 investigation

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The clear lies by Kremlin about the MH17 investigation does not stop. Earlier I listed 12 clear lies made by Kremlin.

Everyone should wonder: if Russia is innocent, why would Kremlin have to lie about so many things! Why does Russia have to veto a proposal on a UN tribunal! Why would Russia wait 26 months before handing over radar data?

At Friday February 3 2017 Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova added a couple of new lies by saying


“Instead of promptness and transparency, there are still attempts to accuse Russia without any grounds or facts. This time, they are more likely aimed at distracting the attention of the victims’ families who are demanding the resumption of search missions and accusing the Dutch authorities of negligence and indifference,” the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

This is nonsense. The victims’s families are not ‘accusing the Dutch authorities of negligence and indifference’. There is not a single piece of evidence for that!

Zakharova also said:

The victims’ relatives will mark already the third anniversary of this horrible tragedy in their calendar in summer but they still have no explicit answer about the causes and the culprits,”

Nonsense. The cause of the shot down was made clear by the Joint Investigation Team during the September 2016 press conference. A BUK TELAR which was transported from Russia to Eastern Ukraine shot down MH17. The JIT is now finding the individuals responsible for transporation the BUK and launching the missile.

The Russian defense manufacturer Almaz-Antey, which produces Buk antiaircraft missile systems, announced in September 2016 it had been able to obtain the so-called primary unprocessed radar images of the airspace in the area of the MH17 crash on July 17, 2014 from one of its enterprises, LEMZ Research and Production Association.

Russia handed over this raw radar data in a non-standard data format. Very likely the Utes-T radar does not store data in the ASTERIX data format. However the ASTERIX data format is a recommended standard for transmission of radar data in Russia. Russia is perfectly able to convert the Utes-T data into ASTERIX.

Think about this; if Russia wants to prove it is innocent, why would it hand over raw radar data in a format of which Russia for sure knows JIT/DSB will be unable to decypher without help!

If Russia is innocent, it would convert the data into ASTERIX and then hand over the data!

This Russian document is  from the Russian Federation for Standardization, Metrology and Certification GOST. The document is titled ‘Standardization in the Russian Federation NATIONAL STANDARDS
Surveillance, navigation, communication and automation ATM Russian civil aviation Tactical and technical requirements’

The document states in paragraph 3.2.1 about En-route PSR Messages on aircraft have to be sent in ASTERIX format

DSB prefers the raw data to be in ASTERIX format as this paper written by a DSB investigator shows.

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