Moderation of comments on this site

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I appreciate info from others on MH17. People can use the comments under each post. However I am more strict than before on postings. This means comments can will deleted and user can be prevented from placing comments.

The following rules apply:

  • no trolling. As soon as I believe your post has the sole purpose to create confusion or doubt without arguments your account will be blacklisted
  • stick to facts or clear indications. This site is nor for telling the world your opinion
  • the comment must be on-topic with the content of the blogpost
  • no personal attacks. User will be banned
  • no noise and endless long discussions
  • no comments on SU-25 using a cannon because this is complete BS
  • only comments on Air to Air Missile which makes sense. Curious about type of fragments and other specifications
  • for specific statements a source should be included.


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2 Comments on Moderation of comments on this site

  1. [The comment must be on-topic with the content of the blogpost]

    I started with the lithium discussion but ended somewhere completely different with the crash of the BUK into the MH17. And that is not for the first time. I simply create my own site. But it is not done intentionally.

    I am an associative and undisciplined thinker and I am grateful to have got so much space on your site. Yet I would have liked a free place for my discussions. The dilemma is, though you lead this site excellently the freedom of wild thoughts must not be blocked institutionally. I know this is the last you want.

  2. Very much appreciate this new rules. Looking forward to coming back to see updates on the case without shaking my head when reading the comments. Facts and details rules! Lesser opinionated stuff makes it easier for everyone to concentrate on better input.

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