Minister Blok releases “Samenvatting Strategische Politie Evaluatie MH-17”

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At April 18 2017 Minister Blok of Security and Justice released a document titled ‘Samenvatting Strategische Politie Evaluatie MH-17’ to the Duch Parliament.

Download the document here. 

The document which is in a  draft version provides the most import preliminary conclusions and recommendations of the internal Dutch police evaluation which investigated the handling of the MH17 crisis.

The evaluation was done for the period July 17 2014 to December 31, 2015.

The document has four topics it povides lessons learned on:

  • Rijkscrisisorganisatie & operationele samenwerking met partners
  • Interne crisisorganisatie
  • Repatriëring- & identificatieproces
  • Communicatieproces

The conclusions are not shocking at all and seems not to justify the delay in making the document public.

The release of the document is interesting as the Dutch Parliament requested the Dutch government several times for a release. Pieter Omtzigt, member of Parliament, requested in August 2016 the release of the evaluation report.  So far the document could not be released according the Dutch government as it was in draft version.

Mind the document released at April 18 is not the actual evaluation report. It is basically a summary.

In December 2015 Dutch Twente University wrote in their evaluation report about crisis management that the investigators could not have access to the ‘Nationale Politie evaluatie’ as it was still being worked on.

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