MH17 forward fuselage including cockpit section separated at weakest point

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The  forward fuselage section including the cockpit of MH17 separated at the weakest point. Exactly were the forward section is joined to the middle section the break happened mid air as seen by photos of debris.  The information used for this post has been taken from

When the missile exploded very close to the left cockpit window, the rooftop of the cockpit was blown away. Pieces where found in Petropavlivka. See this post for some photos.

The photos below show the separation at the rightside of the fuselage. The upper photo shows parts of the belly including the cheatline. This part is indicated by the black lines. Hardly visible is the cargo door.

The debris showing the Malaysian flag was found at a different location than where the forward fuselage section was found. A clear cut running vertical can be seen.

5hiRp (1)


The lefthand side of the fuselage shows the same location of the break. The two pieces were photographed at a different location than where the cockpit was found.



Zyqaf (1)


The forward fuselage found near Rozsypne is indicated by the lighter colour in the picture below.



This photo of an unpainted Boeing 777 clearly shows the forward fuselage section. The darker coloured green matches the section of MH17 found at Rozsypne.






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5 Comments on MH17 forward fuselage including cockpit section separated at weakest point

  1. admin, before the Russians (and Almaz Antey specifically) asserted that the missile was fired from Zaroshen’ske (presumably implicating Ukrainians), you asserted :

    Now you claim “When the missile exploded very close to the left cockpit window, …”

    So whatisit ?

  2. Even more interesting is that when the physical damage evidence appeared to contradict the Russian narrative :
    reinforced by other posters who point out the lack of evidence that the missile came from the side (from Zaroshens’kye),
    while the investigation of damage was still on-going in that thread, you immediately post this :

    using… exactly the damage (such as the rooftop) that DOES exclude a launch from Zaroshens’kye.

    Do you want to know what happened to MH17, admin ?

    Or do you just want to believe the Russian / Almaz Antey narrative that a Ukrainian BUK shot it down from Zaroshens’kye ? Even AFTER it has already been shown that
    (1) The Russian Defense Ministry fabricated their evidence to implicate Ukraine, and
    (2) Almaz Antey was incorrect when they stated that 9M38M1 missile were no longer in use by the Russians, and
    (3) Almaz Antey produced a dynamic fragment velocity picture which defies the laws of physics, and
    (4) If the missile would have come from Zaroshens’kye, that it would have created damage on the RIGHT side of the plane, NOT the left side.
    (5) a launch from Snizhne easily explains how the plane was hit from the left front, and how the cockpit separated at the weakest point (basically cutting it off).

  3. Good to see the admin is open to new evidence and information as it becomes available

  4. To be perfectly honest, I did not know that most or all of first class and the pilot’s cabin sheered off together.
    I thought it was mainly the pilot’s cabin by itself and first class stayed with the rest of the fuselage or broke off in another component.

    Thank you for making this more clear to me admin.

    Fare thee well

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