MH17 fake news sites: by Patrick Henningsen

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In a series of blogpost I will show you a couple of sites which publish complete nonsense, fake news on MH17.

We start this serie with

The founder of the website is a guy called Patrick Henningsen. His Twitter bio reads “Independent Journalist covering news & analysis you won’t find on CNN, BBC et all – for those who no longer buy the lies of Mainstream Media”

In this post we will soon find out why the work of Henningsen is not found at CNN, BBC. Simply because he writes fake news!

A Google search on his name reveals how ‘independant’ mister Henningsen realy his. The first hit leads us to Russian RT, the Kremlin backed newsagency which is, well, biased. We read “He has appeared on RT news and has also written for the,, and”

Okay. RT, Globalresearch, infowars are not the first websites I would go to for some ‘independant views’. A 10 seconds look at his articles written for RT makes even for a blind person clear that Henningsen anti-US opinion is far from ‘independant’.

So lets dive a bit deeper in the independance of this mister Henningsen. At September 26, 2017 he Tweet-ed.

“Exactly, the flight path data is there – so why was plane Diverted by Kiev ATC over active war zone?This is not going well for you either.”

Oh boy, that does not look all to independant either . The Dutch Safety Board final report clearly shows that MH17 made a slide deviation from the planed route to avoid weather. This was not requested by Ukraine ATC.  In fact, just before MH17 was shot down, Rostov ATC (Russia) by phone requested the Ukraine ATC for a deviation of flightplan due to traffic.

Now to the website of Henningsen. Just a few days after the shot down, Henningsen published an article titled ‘MH17 Verdict: Real Evidence Points to US-Kiev Cover-up of Failed False Flag’. Not a title which looks to have been written by an independant journalist.

I will not go into all the factual incorrect statements in this article. The article suggest that MH17 took a different route over Ukraine than the previously ten days. This is false. See my blog here. 

The latest piece on MH17 published at the website of Mr Independant Journalist is titled ‘Netherlands Cover-up? A New Twist in the MH17 Investigation‘ and was published at September 25,2017. Lets just analyse some sentences in this article.

The article is a copy of a longer piece published at which is a translation of a piece written by Dmitry Sedov published end of August here.

The Sedov article copied by Mr Henningsen makes a first mistake in the 3rd sentence. He writes: “Over three years later, the two countries meant to be leading a ‘neutral’ international investigation, the Netherlands and UK, have repeatedly sidelined important information about the incident.”

Wrong! The UK is not at all involved in the criminal investigation into the downing of MH17. The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) members are Malaysia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium.

Sedov, clearly not an expert, confused UK with being the country which analysed the Flight Data Recorder and Voice Data Recorder (aka black boxes).

Then Sedov mentions some of his previous blogpostings on MH17. I might spent some time on that later, for now we continue with the September blogpost. Sedov continues by writing this:

“It seems that Russia has handed Dutch investigators important evidence of primary radar data which covers the flight zone at the exact time of the incident. 

Indeed Russia handed over radar data. Only the requested, common format for air crash investigation ASTERIX, was only handed over in August 2017. THREE years after the shot down. Russia handed over to the Dutch Safety Board in 2014 only a recording of the screen which was seen by the air traffic controller. This screen filters out small objects like a missile. Russia stated it deleted the raw primary radar recordings.

Later, just a few days before the JIT pressconference in September 2016, Russia handed over the primary radar recordings which as a miracle were recovered from some harddisks. Only this was in an uncommon format without manuals in English explaining how to use the software.

Then Sedov continues:

“Incredibly, the Dutch have decided to it file away and out of sight, not to be included in their final investigation. 

File away and out of sight? That is nonsense. In May 2017 the Dutch prosecutor released information on the progress on that Russia supplied radar including some screenshots.

For an ‘independant journalist’ mister Sedov seems to have been a bit eager to copy a Russian propaganda piece without checking facts first. Just a guilty as the author.

We continue our analysis of this article.

The reason for this is because this Russian data demonstrates that an anti-aircraft battery fired from inside Ukrainian army-held territory in eastern Ukraine. A inconvenient truth?”

Sorry? The radar data demonstrates the missile was shot from Ukrainian army-held territory in eastern Ukraine?? Even the Russian Ministry of Defense did not state this in the press conference in September 2016.  Russia stated the radar images does not show a missile fired from an area south of Snizhne. And technical limiations of radar prevented the recording of a missile fired from inside Ukrainian army-held territory.

A few lines further more nonsense:

“However, the Dutch investigators, despite being armed with the latest in modern technology as well as the assistance of their British colleagues, were not able to decode the recordings, and in the end they asked Russian experts to do it. In three years this has been the only time they have asked to collaborate. Never before had the commission accepted any Russian offers of assistance.”

Not able to decode? So what are these screenshots then? Mr Henningsen in all his attempts to be ‘independant’ forgets to add that Russia only after several requests handed over the radar data in ASTERIX format, over three years later.  ASTERIX allows to check the integrity of the radar data.

In the end they asked Russian experts to do it.
Another lie. While Russia offered the Dutch prosecutor to help to analyse the radar data, it was never made public if Russia indeed helped.

The nonsense does not stop here.

The decoded recordings clearly showed that the missile had been fired from the zone controlled by the Ukrainian military. And this is not some fabricated story concocted by journalists, but documented, technical information.

Another lie. At the Russian MoD pressconference never radarrecordings were shown conforming the statement of the independant journalist.

The last paragraph of this rubbish piece is about a Dutch professor named Kees van der Pijl. The MH17 truthers seem to have been ordered to mention van der Pijl in their fake news blogs. It again shows the weakness of the pro Russian fanboys as Kees van der Pijl tell the same nonsense which is easily debunked. Van der Pijl recently delivered a presentation. Part of the presentation was on MH17. My blog about the presentation here. 

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