MH17 disinformation website: The Saker interview with Max van der Werff

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There are unfortunately many websites which publish a lot of nonsense on MH17. Most of the statements made on these sites can easily be debunked.

An example of such a disinformation website is This website published over 50 articles about MH17 since 2014. All articles are showing a pro Kremlin point of view. All articles contain absolute nonsense.

‘The Saker’ is a pseudonym for a former strategic intel analyst for the Swiss armed forces  and IT-expert called Andrei Raevsky who now lives in Florida. He was born in Switserland as a son of a Dutch father and a Russian mother. In 2007 he started a blog called “Vineyard Saker” – a simple machine-generated anagram of his full name.

Raevsky believes MH17 was a false flag. He thinks that an Ukraine fighter jet downed MH17.

At August 28, 2019 Andrei Raevsky published an interview with Dutch blogger Max van der Werff on It is remarkable Van der Werff decided to be interviewed by Raevsky which is clearly one of the most notorious conspiracy thinkers on MH17. Van der Werff’s reputation was already at the lowest possible level after he did not publish photos which would proof him wrong, and his collaboration with a former RT journalist. Now Van der Werff again shows his true colours.

The introduction of the interview is already full of nonsense. Raevsky uses words like ‘false flag’ , Ukronazi regime, the Empire (meaning the US)  and Ziomedia. I had to search for the meaning of this word. Ziomedia is a form of journalism that is slanted towards a Jewish point of view. It is obvious that Andrei Raevsky is extremely biased.

Van der Werff  states that he does not know what happened. Which is rather remarkable for someone who claims to have spent 1000s of hours on researching MH17. The nonsense produced by Van der Werff and his partner in crime, former Kremlin financed RT journalist Yana Yerlashova, are documented here. 

Raevsky asks Van der Werff about the personal guesstimate of Raevsky which says that MH17 what first hit by a R-60 infrared air to air missile shot by an Ukraine SU25 and then finished by its 30 mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-2 autocannon.

Van der Werff does not say this is a nonsense theory but says the theory does get some support because of statements by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Nonsense All the evidence clearly points to a Buk missile. There is not a single piece of evidence pointing to an air to air missile nor a cannon.

Raevsky then states “Russia and Malaysia were denied the right to participate to the investigation.” More nonsense! Both Russia and Malaysia participated in the Dutch Safety Board lead technical investigation into the cause of the accident. The other investigation is a criminal investigation with the goal to identify and prosecute those individuals responsible for the downing of MH17. This Joint Investigation Team (JIT) is lead by the Dutch public prosecution service. Malaysia became a full mmber of the JIT four months after the start of the investigation. As the Russian Federation was the suspect of the downing it is obvious Russia is a not a member.

Van der Werff shows his ignorance by stating:

ICAO Annex 13 describes in detail how the composition of an air disaster investigation must be. For sure the country of the operator (in this case Malaysia Airlines) has to be part of the investigation from the very beginning, which we all know was not the case.Malaysia only was a llowed to become MH17 JIT member four months after the shoot down

ICAO Annex 13 provides guidelines for the investigation into the cause of a plane crash. It has NOTHING to do with a criminal investigation.

Van der Werff then quotes a Dutch lawyer who said:

I think Russia might have been more cooperative if there had been trial in a neutral country, a non-JIT country.“

More ignorance or is it selective quoting? Van der Werff should have mentioned Russia used its veto in the UN Security Council to block a draft resolution to set up an international tribunal.

Raevsky then states a huge plume should have been visible after a Buk missile was launched and suggests nobody saw such a plume. In fact there are photos made a two different locations showing a plume. The photos all point towards the launch location south of Snizhne.

In an August 2015 blogpost titled ‘MH-17 one year later’ Raevsky wrote a lot of nonsense about MH17.

He wrote:

The first thing we know is that the Ukrainian traffic air controllers directed MH-17 to fly directly over the combat zone and to lower its altitude.

Utter nonsense! Malaysian Airlines filed a flightplan which flew in airspace which was open. Ukraine airtraffic control did not direct the aircraft to fly over combat zine. Also airtraffic control did not instruct MH17 to lower its altitude. In fact Dutch Safety Board reported that the airtraffic controler requested if MH17 was able to climb. The crew responded that it was not able to and it remained at the current flightlevel. Van der Werff and Yerlashova in a promo for their documentary showed a man stating MH17 was ordered to descent. Pure disinformation!

Raevsky then states:

We also know for a fact that there was at least one Ukrainian aircraft in the immediate vicinity of MH-17 that day.

Nonsense. Even Russia stated there was no other aircraft in the vicinity of MH17.

Raevsky then states:

What nobody saw that day was the kind of large and highly visible smoke plume which would have accompanied any large missile launch, not did anybody hear anything special.

More nonsense. Photos taken at two different locations show a smoke plume.

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  1. The Saker. With ridiculous statements like this “…. although it is known that the main responsible actors for the plane crash are Holland and Ukraine, who afterwards tried to blame Russia for it” [in an article of September 7th] the site proves it is pure rubbish – at least for rationally thinking people. Unfortunately herds of idiots believe such nonsense.

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