MH17 criminal investigation will last for a long time

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There are a couple of indications which when combined with official statements leads to the conclusion the criminal investigation into the downing of MH17 won’t be finished in 2019.

In mid December 2018 the Netherlands and Australia signed a treaty on the ongoing presence of Australian  police personnel in the Netherlands  for the purpose of investigating who is responsible for the downing.

A similar agreement between the Netherlands and Ukraine was extended to August 1 , 2019. The agreement allows Dutch police investigators do perform investigations in Ukraine.

Dutch leader of the JIT, Fred Westerbeke, said in media that the remaining period of investigation will be shorter than the current period. Another member of JIT told the investigation could take another five years.

Also the JIT-agreement which ends January 1, 2019  has been extended again for one year, confirmed by JIT-spokesman Wim de Bruin.  So it will end now January 1, 2020.


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