MH17 2015 Year in review

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532 days after MH17 was shot down the world still does not know who shot down MH17.

At October 13 2015 Dutch Safety Board published their final report on the cause of the crash. DSB conclused that MH17 was shot down by a BUK missile fitted with a warhead of type 9N314M. The launch was made in an 320 sq kilometers area south of Snizhne. Press was not allowed to ask questions at the end of the press presentation of the final report.

DSB concluded that Ukraine based on the info available should have closed the airspace.

In February 2015 human remains and aircraft debris were still collected.  Also in September human remains were found. Even in December 2015 aircraft parts located in the cockpit were found by people living in the area.

2015 made clear the Dutch government is doing its very best to hide information. This is a long list of indications.

While the cause of the crash has been established, the persons responsible for the shot down are not identified. The Joint Investigation Team is still working on the criminal investigation and will not publish a final report before summer 2016.

On a court case very little progress was made. In July Russia vetoed against an international tribunal. JIT member states are negotiating an alternative.

In December 2015 member of Parliament Pieter Omtzigt finally gets answers to questions. The Dutch government refuses to sent a letter of complaint to United Nations and ICAO about the missing radar recordings of primary radar. Both Ukraine and Russia did not hand over radar recordings. Ukraine stated primary radar of military air traffic control was switched off. Primary radar of Ukraine civil air traffic control was under maintenance.

Links to news on MH17 is 2015 can be found here.

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