Member of Parliament Han ten Broeke (ruling party VVD) is a cheater

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Member of Dutch Parliament Han ten Broeke is active in debates on MH17 because he is spokesman for foreign affairs for this party VVD. VVD and PvdA are the ruling parties which have representatives in the Dutch government.

In a plenary debate on MH17 in Dutch Parliament on Wednesday October 26 it became clear Ten Broeke is cheating.

The cheating is about the statements of Ukraine government. First president Poroshenko made a link between the MH17 investigation and signing of the Ukraine-EU association agreement. The Dutch government likely will not sign the agreement as a result of the outcome of a referendum.

Prime Minister Rutte stated it was not wise to make this link.

However, in a meeting at October 25 with Dutch members of Pariament, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (European integration issues) Ms. Olena Zerkal clearly stated that ratification of the treaty by the Netherlands would improve the investigaton into MH17.

So Ukraine once more made a link between signing of the treaty and the MH17 investigation.

Member of Parliament Han ten Broeke attended that meeting. I watched the livestream.

In the plenary debate the next day, the stenogram can be read here,  on October 26 Han ten Broeke made the following conflicting statements :


In english: when deputy-minister European affairs of Ukraine attended our commission a link was made with the association treaty.
Here Harry van Bommel of political party SP in debate with Foreign minister Koenders about the statements of deputy-minister Zerkal

Later in the debate Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel was in discussion with PM Rutte. Van Bommel stated that Ukraine by deputy minister Zerkal again made a link between association treaty and MH17. As confirmed by Han ten Broeke!

Ten Broeke all of a sudden had a memory failure and  made a different statement compared with the one he did earlier in the debate.


In english: the link which could be made was one in which the deputy minister mentioned Europol. Others mentioned cooperation on legal issues. Lets not pretend as if the statement on Friday (by Poroshenko) was repeated yesterday. That is  explicitly not the case.

A stenogram of the commision meeting in which Zerkal did the statements is not available. Stenograms of Commissie meetings are hardly ever made. Only on request by a member of parliament those are made.

Also a video recording of the meeting is not available on the Debat Gemist website of the Tweede Kamer. However many people who attended the meeting (Omtzigt, Van Bommel) and viewers of the livestream are certain the link was made a second time by Ukraine. GeenStijl reports here.


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2 Comments on Member of Parliament Han ten Broeke (ruling party VVD) is a cheater

  1. Minister Rutte assessed the words of Poroshenko correctly:

    Ik heb geen aanwijzingen dat de Oekraïense president hier iets verkeerds mee in de zin had — hij heeft ook niet gezegd “als het een niet, dan ook het andere niet meer” — maar het bij elkaar brengen van die twee elementen in één uitspraak heb ik als onverstandig beoordeeld.

    In English: I have no evidence that the Ukrainian president had something wrong in the sense there – he did not say “if this is not, then that is no more either” – but bringing together those two elements in one statement I assessed as unwise.

  2. As it was written somewhere here, the “optimal” investigation and trial in Netherlands will require suspect extradiction from Ukraine. Currently the constitution prohibit such extradiction. 2/3 of the parlament are required to make the ammendment.

    The Ukrainian parliament hosts significant number of pro-Russian MPs. I can easily imaging the situation that those MPs will use the “non-signing of the assosiation agreement by Dutch” as the argument against the ammendment (despite the fact that pro-Russian MPs are generally against the UA-EU treaty) to help Russia avoid resposibility.

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