Malaysian Prime Minister wants more evidence Russia shot down MH17

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Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir  said during a dialogue and media conference with the Japanese Foreign Correspondent Club (FCCJ) at May 30 he wants more evidence Russia is responsible for downing MH17.

He said Malaysia accepted the investigation report of Holland but only up to the point where the plane was brought down by a missile made by Russia.

“I don’t think very highly disciplined party is responsible for launching the missile,” he said.

The prime minister said Malaysia should also be involved in the examining the black box as the plane belongs to Malaysia and there were Malaysians passengers. This is nonsense as Malaysia representatives attended the downloading of the data in the black boxes as well as listening session of the Voice Data Recorder.

Prime Minister Mahathir is a controversial leader. He once suggested on his personal blog that the attacks on the World Trade Centre were staged as an excuse to mount attacks on the Muslim communities. About the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 flight MH370 Mahathir stated:

“Can it not be that the pilots of MH370 lost control of their aircraft after someone directly or remotely activated the equipment for seizure of control of the aircraft?”

Dr Mahathir suggested the CIA had knowledge of the Boeing 777’s disappearance but was not sharing it with Malaysia. He claimed that government agencies, along with Boeing, had the ability to remotely take control of commercial airliners.

The remark about not being involved in study of the black boxes is remarkable  as observers of Malaysia were present when the data was downloaded from the CVR and FDR (“black boxes”). This is a screenshot from Appendix H of the DSB report.

The DSB report also states representatives of Malaysia attended listening session of the Cockpit Voice Recorder audio.

Another proof primeminister Mahathir talks nonsense is from statements of Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai . At 24 July 2014 he stated :

Three Malaysian representatives, including Depart­ment of Civil Aviation director-general Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, were part of the 10-man delegation that had flown to Farnborough. (source)

Malaysia joined JIT months later 

Initially Malaysia was not part of JIT. Malaysia was not happy about that. Likely because Malaysia has a different law system including death penalty some additional legal agreements had to be made. However untill this day it is not known why Malaysia joined JIT months later.

This episode of Dutch Nieuwsuur shows the reaction of the Malaysian ambassador in the Netherlands (around 14:00)

Mahathit statements in May 2019

“We don’t know why we are excluded from the examination but from the very beginning, we see too much politics in it and the idea was not to find out how this happened but seems to be concentrated on trying to pin it to the Russians. This is not a neutral kind of examination,” said Dr Mahathir.

The statements can be heard here


It is not the first time Malaysian government officials state they doubt the result of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT). JIT, of which Malaysian police and prosecution service is member of , concluded a BUK TELAR belonging to the Russian armed forces was responsible for the downing of MH17.

At May 30, 2018  Channel News Asia published an interview with Malaysia Transport minister Anthony Loke. He stated

There is no conclusive evidence to confirm that Russia was responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17

Earlier the Netherlands and Australia held Russia liable for downing MH17. Malaysia did not join, neither did Belgium and Ukraine.

The role of Malaysia in the criminal investigation has always been remarkable. The country joined the group a few months after the group started. Ukraine did not trust Malaysia. Likely becaus the friendly ties between Malaysia and Russia.

The Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs stated : “We have taken note of the statements made by the Malaysian Prime Minister” . The Ministry adds that “Malaysia has always fully supported the findings”, both bilaterally and as part of the JIT.

The statements could also be related to the ban by the EU on palm oil. In March 2019 Mahathir said “ we have written to all the heads of government of the EU and we have pointed out to them that we may need to retaliate if they continue with this discrimination against palm oil”.  Palm oil is used to produce bio fuel but leads to excessive deforestation.

He is famous for his outspoken anti-Semitism. He wrote on his personal blog in 2012 that “Jews rule this world by proxy,” the Associated Press has reported. (source)

Mahathir also claimed that the consensus among historians that some 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust was false, putting the number at 4 million.

This 2016 interview provides some inside in the opinion of the Malaysian PM. He called for western leaders, such as ex US president George Bush, ex British leader Tony Blair, and ex Australian leader John Howard, to be accountable for their actions. Dr Mahathir considers these leaders to be war criminals for their roles in the invasion of Iraq.


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