How Malaysia succeeded in obtaining black boxes and bodies while the Netherlands backed the wrong horse

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 It took many days after MH17 was shot down before the black boxes and bodies were handed over by the separatists. As the aircraft crashed in a war zone it took lot of diplomatic effort. 

This article will provide insight in what happened behind the curtains. A story not known to the general public as the main stream press like to copy/paste state run press agencies.

The non-burocratic acting and relationships of  Malaysia Prime Minister Razak were the one and only reason the bodies and black boxes were released relatively quickly.

Malaysia was able to get hands on the black boxes at July 21. The handover itself looked like a movie. The Malaysian delegation had to drive around Donetsk from a hotel to the headquarters of the Donetsk People Republic while guarded by separatists and followed by the international press.

At the handover ceremony Malaysia had to sign official Donetsk People’s Republic  papers and had according  rumours call Alexander Borodai, the self-declared rebel Prime Minister in Donetsk,  Your Excellency. 

Malaysian expert and Donetsk Republic prosecutor sign memorandum on transferring the black boxes. (Twitter)

The video of the handover can be seen here. 

So how was Malaysia able to convince Borodai to hand over the black boxes and make sure the bodies could be transported to a part of Ukraine under control of the government in Kiev?

A possible reason is the relationship of his daughter.

The daugther of the Malaysia Prime Minister , Nooryana Najwa,  is married to Daniyar Nazarbayev which is a nephew of president of Kazachstan. This was told in a radio Interview at the Dutch Radio (fragment starts at 4:35) by Russia expert Anna Grebenchtchikova.

Kazachstan  has a close relationship with Russia. Like Putin, the president of Kazachstan does not like press press. He likes to make himself and close friends incredibly rich as well. Last but not least democracy is just fake.


On May 24 Russia strengthened its ties with the former Soviet Republics of Kazakhstan and Belarus on Thursday by forming the Eurasian Economic Union in Astana, Kazakhstan. The photo below shows the leader of Belarus (also a dictator) on the left,  Nazarbayev is the middle and Putin on the right.

We all know the revolution in East Ukraine was initiated by Putin. He made sure there was a lot of unrest. He supported the separatists with weapons and made sure troop with mercenaries fought the Ukraine army.

So via the Putin-Nazarbayev relationship, PM Razak of Malaysia could establish direct contact with the separatists.



Mind the step-grandmother of  Razak was onboard the MH17 flight. This was an extra reason to put all possible effort to get the black boxes and bodies back.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said he had agreed with the prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Borodai, that the remains of 282 people will be moved by train to the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv and handed over (channelnewsasia)

The bodies of the victims were transported in refrigerated train carriages to Kharkiv. An extra indication for Malaysia having done all the work was that only Malaysian people were on the train. No Dutch.

Under the agreement, six Malaysian members of the recovery team will accompany the train carrying the victims’ remains, which would leave this evening Ukraine time, Najib said. (

During  an interview with CNN Razak explained that he directly negotiated with the separatists. This was very unusual as governments normally negotiate with governments, not with separatists. The interview can be seen here.

A part of the transscript of that interview below.  The transcript of the interview is here.

RAZAK: I appealed to them. I said look, come on, this is something you need to do because you know their families affected, they have nothing to do for what you are fighting for, they are not involved in the geo-political conflict, they are innocent people. Look, hand over the bodies to us, hand over the black boxes to us. I appealed to their conscience.

So while Malaysia negotiated with the separatists, the Dutch seems to be doing not much. The main reason for that is the Dutch government choice to talk with Kiev.

At July 18 Foreign minister Timmermans said he did not exclude talks with the separatists. (Trouw). However soon the Dutch said it was not an option to negotiate with the separatists. At the weekly pressconference at September 12 PM Rutte said direct negotiations with the separatists would imply the State Netherlands would  recognize the Donetsk People Republic. That would obviously not be appreciated by Kiev.

The Dutch government also did not want to openly blame the separatists for downing MH17 as this would make access to the crash site impossible. (Metronieuws)

However NOS reports at September 12 that the Netherlands has sent 12 letters to the separatists asking for permission to enter the crash site. All the requests were declined by the separatists because from those letters it shows  “insufficient recognition”  for the status of the republic. (NOS)

Since August 6 no investigator has been at the crash site.

You might expect that PM Razak was awarded for his great work. Not the case. However Australian PM Bishop was awarded the Dutch ‘Ereteken van Verdienste” by Frans Timmermans (Foreign minister). This extra ordinary reward has only be given 10 times since 201o  (Telegraaf)


So what did the Dutch government do for MH17??

We do not know much about the efforts. It is known Foreign Minister Timmermans went to Kiev for talks. The Dutch did a great job in recovery and identification of the bodies. Australia helped by supplying several C17 military aircraft to transport staff, bodies and material to and from Ukraine.

In July Timmermans did an emotional speech at the United Nations in New York. Timmersmans told he wrote his speech himself a couple of hours before he delivered the speech. Timmermans made a very disturbing error during the speech. He told that separatists stole a ring of a finger of one of the victims. This was proven to be untrue. Timmermans likely based his statement on a still made of a VICE video. That still was widely spread by press in Ukraine. However when the video is closely watched completely, you will see someone taking a look in a box, and throw away the box. No stealing, no removing a ring. See this YouTube video for the proof. The VICE video can be seen here. The cleaning of the cockpit section starts at 01:31.

If a Foreign minister uses Ukraine propaganda for a United Nations speech without having double check on fact the public really needs to start doubting about the value and truth of other statements made by Western governments in this case.

Timmermans was asked in an TV interview about his speech. The interviewer asked why Timmermans suggested that passengers might be holding hands. Timmermans responded by saying that one of the passengers was found wearing an oxygen mask. “Sometime had to time to put that on” Timmermans said. The next day this statement turned out to be incorrect. A single victim was

At October 13 the Ukraine State Emergency Service (SES) will collect all the personal belongings from the crash site. These will then be trucked to Kharkiv. The Dutch did silent diplomacy with the SES. The OSCE negotiated with the separatists and arranged access to the site.  The Dutch government states the SES is a neutral service and not under control of the separatists.

It is remarkable now all of a sudden the collection of personal belongings is possible after week (since August 6) of not a single action at the site.



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    We all wonder when he travels to IS to bring apologies for the (anti-Islamic) stickers that Geert Wilders made.

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