“Malaysia at their own request joined MH17 investigation team 4 months after its establishment”

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So far it was not confirmed at what date Malaysia became a full member of JIT. Some people like Yana Yerlashova, notorious for spreading disinformation on MH17, stated it took six months before Malaysia became a full member of the Joint Investigation Team. When asked Malaysian prime minister Mahathir did not correct her statement during a recent interview.

I asked the spokeswoman of Dutch public prosecution service (Openbaar Ministerie)  when Malaysia became a full member. Brechtje van de Moosdijk stated “Malaysia itself has agreed that the JIT was established without her and expressed the intention to join at a later date.”.

The Joint Investigation Team was establised at August 7, 2014 by The Netherlands, Ukraine, Australia and Belgium. At that moment Malaysian detectives were not involved in the criminal investigation.

Van de Moosdijk: “Malaysia became a participant of the JIT at August 14, 2014. Malaysia could not yet become a full member of the JIT in a legal sense, because it could impose the death penalty in its own country. This is prohibited in the other JIT countries. After Malaysia had given the guarantee that no death penalty would be imposed in the event of a possible prosecution in its own country, it could become a full member of the JIT. That happened on December 4, 2014. Since then there has been close criminal cooperation with Malaysia and Malaysian colleagues have supported all findings and conclusions of the JIT.”

Besides the delayed joining on request by Malaysia and the issue around death penalty, a third reason for the delay of joining JIT was distrust.  Ukraine did not trust Malaysia because of its close relation to the Kremlin. Also the way the black boxes were recovered was not something Kiev was happy about. More about this in this blogpost. http://www.whathappenedtoflightmh17.com/hey-lavrov-here-is-why-malaysia-was-not-part-of-jit-since-the-beginning/

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