“Local witness” debunked as liar is seen in two different MH17 documentaries supporting Kremlin narrative

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Kremlin backed Russian media made multiple documentaries about MH17 trying to convince the audience MH17 was not shot down by a Russian army supplied BUK TELAR. Many nonsense narratives were shown, including shotdown by a SU-25. RT for example produced two documentaries on MH17. Both featured conspiracy thinkers like Joost Niemoller, Peter Haisenko and Max van der Werff.

Another serie of disinformation videos was produced by a  group of Russian people supporting the Kremlin narrative named ‘MH17 Inquiry’. The group made 7 episodes which can be seen on their Youtube channel.  All episodes contain many nonsense, lies and disinformation. See my blogs here.

A remarkable aspect is that an alleged resident of the area named Alexey Tanchik (Aleksej Tantsjik) is seen in one of the documentaries made by RT as well as in an episode of ‘MH17 Inquiry.

In the RT docu called ‘A year without truth‘ we see (at 21:11) our alleged local Alexey Tanchik explaining to reporter Yana Yerlashova how he found wreckage of MH17 in a wood near a road. The wreckage had holes in it. The docu was filmed in 2015. Yerlashova suggests to bring the wreckage to the local authorities. The wreckage was later transported to the Netherlands and displayed at the presentation of the final report by Dutch Safety Board.

According the vKontakte page of Tanchik he lived around 2015/2016 in Donetsk.

In the ‘MH17 Inquiry’ episode 5 we see Alexey again. Here he is called ‘Alexey Nikolaevich Tanchik’. At 12:26 he explains he saw a military jet near the time MH17 passed. He heard sounds which sounded like from an aircraft gun. He then is presented by the producer of the video four shapes of military aircraft. He states it was an aircraft which looks like a Mig which shot down MH17.

The  photo below is very likely the same man. He is seen wearing a the ribbon of Saint George used by the the pro-Russian insurgents fighting in the Donbass War. He is clearly not a fan of the government in Kiev.


A person who seems to live in Donetsk, supporting the separatists, was driving his motorcycle and all of a sudden saw debris of MH17 hidden in a wood. Earlier at July 17, 2o14 he saw according his own words an Ukraine military aircraft which shot down Mh17.

Now even Russia stated there were no military jets near MH17. So Alexey Tanchik lied. And it seems too much of a coincidence that he saw the wreckage and also saw a military jet. Also he seems to live in Donetsk so a coincidence he was near the crashsite. So both RT and ‘MH17 Inquiry’ used a person who lied.



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