Live coverage of JIT press conference September 28

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A detailed report of what was made public at the JIT press  conference in my post here.



On 28 September at 13.00 hours local the Netherlands time, the Joint Investigation Team will organise a meeting with the press to present the first results of the criminal investigation into the crash of flight MH17. This press conference will take place following the meeting with the relatives in the morning. They will be the first to be informed about the results of the investigation.

At this blogpost I will cover the press conference live for those unable to see the livestream or tv-broadcast.

Links and information on media covering the event will be listed here.

Live coverage of the press meeting

This is taken from the meeting of the next of kin:

  1. Russian BUK was brought in to Ukraine on July 17
  2. Launch location near Pervomaisk
  3. Ukraine handed over primary radar images of a test radar facility

The Joint Investigation Team made public at the press release the following information

at the moment still 100 to 200 people are working on the criminal investigation

over 200 witnesss were talked to

150.000 telephone conversations were listened to

air to air scenaro can be excluded. No airplanes no radar.

Mobile radar in Ukraine which was used for software testing was found by JIT

Discussion on radar images can be stopped. There is enough material so more radar images are not need

Air traffic controllers were interviewed

JIT concludes there was no other aircraft near MH17 which was able to shot down MH17

Also Russia concuded there was no aircraft on radar which could have downed MH17

Prosecution will be on a scenario in which a BUK was used to down MH17

tapped telephone conversation indicated SU-25 flew too high to be hit by MANPADS. A BUK was needed

forensic investigation proves BUK 9M38 series missile was used

Tapped telephone conversation in juni 2015 between separatists is talked about Zaro which one of the persons comform it was under control by separatists

launch location is near 500×600 meters field near Pervomaisk

the alleged launch location

ESA and United States handed over information.

US stated in report that launch location was near Pervomaisk

many eyewitnes saw BUK on its way to Pervomaisk

the famous Paris Match photos are still from a vidoe. JIT has the video

there are new images of the BUK found by JIT. These are adjusted to protect the makers

many eyewitness saw and heard the launch

Dutch NFI checked images and found no  manipulation.


KNMI checked photo to make sure the smoke was not caused by weather (like cloud)

new photo of launch was found on social media. By geolocation it was determined that the smoke plume originated from the field near Pervomaisk

jit does not have primary radar images of russia

no doubt about what JIT today presents is what actually happened

JIT agreement extended to early 2018

JIT did not reveal the exact type of missile. They stated type 9M38 series missile.

JIT did not tell anything about how it can be possible that a civil aircraft was shot down

JIT does not make statements about involvement of Russia. Just concluded BUK TELAR came from Russia

no names are in sight by JIT as suspect

JIT does not concentrate on failure to close airspace

the investigation which continous goes on how it was possible that MH17 was shot down

who was in charge etc. JIT will continue the investigation

JIT cannot tell anything about how long the investigation will take


RTL will broadcast live the press conference on the RTLZ tv channel. Livestream can be viewed on Internet at  and

The tv coverage starts at 12:45. After the press conference has ended the program continues till about 14:00.

 Dutch NOS will cover the pressconference on TV, radio as well as on internet. Live broadcast at NPO1 starts at 12:45 and ends at around 14:00/14:15. There will be a preview and commentary.

Russia Today will likely cover here.

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