Leaked document suggests MH17 disinformation group Bonanza Media has links to Kremlin

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Bonanza Media, a company owned by former Kremlin financed RT journalist Yana Yerlashova showed in a new video released at June 6 2020 a document which was never made public before. This is an indication Bonanza Media has sources closes to the Kremlin. 

The document dated 3 December 2014 is titled ‘What could have been known?’ and was written by The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS).  It has an analysis of potential security threats to civilian air traffic in the Dnipropetrovsk Flight Information Region March-July, 2014 .

The classification of the document is ‘HCSS Confidential’ and has ‘Release exclusively to OVV’ clearly marked on the title page.  The study documented in the paper was performed on request by the Dutch Safety Board

While this document is not publically available, it  is extremely likely Russian authorities have  this document in their possession.  Russia participated in the technical investigation by the Dutch Safety Board (OVV)  into the cause of the crash.

Bonanza Media also released multiple documents which are part of the Joint Investigation Team dossier. These documents are either obtained via corrupt people with access to this dossier or via hacking. In both cases the Kremlin is , just like the HCSS document, a  very likely source of the documents.

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