Leader of largest party in Dutch Senate states Ukraine is a suspect of downing MH17

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Thierry Baudet, the political leader of the Dutch rightwing party Forum voor Democratie (FvD) said in a debate on Dutch national television that Ukraine “is one of the possible perpetrators of this situation” meaning MH17. “Also public prosecutor of this JIT” (Joint Investigation Team) he added.

These are false statements.

Baudet is well known for his  controversial opinions. He does not believe climate change is caused by humans. In a speech he stated “we are undermined by media”. Baudet did not attend a debate on MH17 in Dutch parliament.

The remarkable statement in the debate was a response to Dutch prime minster Rutte who asked if Baudet was willing to write another letter to president Trump stating the letter sent in November 2016  which he signed was wrong.

Baudet was one of the about 26 persons who signed a letter addressed to president Trump requesting him to start  a new investigation into the cause of the MH17 shotdown. The letter also stated :

The official investigation by the “Dutch Safety Board” (OVV) and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) was neither independent nor convincing

Max van der Werff, a Dutch blogger who cooperates with a former RT journalist also signed the letter. Others who  signed the letter are  Graham Phillips and Karel Van Wolferen. Phillips is a notorious freelance journalist reporting his pro Russia bias with low ethics. Van Wolferen made a lot of nonsense statements in this interview. Another man who signed is German Peter Haisenko. Haisenko clearly talks nonsense as well. Even now, when Russia confirmed there was no SU25 near MH17, Haisenko still states the Boeing 777 was shot down by a military plane.

Baudet in a response to the question by Rutte stated he will not send a new letter to Trump stating he was wrong. He explained a judge should decide on the evidence, not politicians. Baudet did not support a resolution in Dutch parliament supporting the Dutch government step to hold Russia liable for downing MH17.

Baudet added “we still do not have the primary radarimages, why the airspace was not closed, why did the aircraft flew overthere, many questions”. And “Ukraine has veto-power in admitting evidence to the criminal investigation”.

The statements by Baudet are incorrect. Ukraine is not the public prosecutor. The Dutch Openbaar Ministerie (OM) is the prosecutor. The OM will decide if it wil prosecute the suspects or not. Dutch Ward Ferdinandusse is appointed as the public prosecutor.

Also the statement by Baudet that Ukraine has veto-power in admitting evidence to the criminal investigation is nonsense. The member states of JIT signed  in 2014 a non-disclosure agreement. This implies non of the member states can reveal information during the investigation without approval of all other member states. The purpose of this agreement is to prevent sensitive information leaking out which could harm a future trial.

Ukraine is also not a suspect. JIT made very clear a BUK TELAR owned by the Russian armed forces launched a missile which shot down MH17.

The statements made by Baudet can be seen in the clip below.


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