Law expert: problems with MH17 evidence

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Dutch largest newspaper De Telegraaf published on December 15 an article titled ‘Problems with MH17 evidence‘.

The article states the reliability of the MH17 evidence is in doubt because of the corrupt Ukraine secret service SBU. SBU delivered evidence liked taped telephone conversations. Also some of the videos and photos of a BUK are likely to be produced by SBU.

The head of the SBU at the time of the shot down was Valentyn Nalyvaichenko. He is said to be involved in stolen art from the Dutch museum. Nalyvaichenko had committed serious violations of Finnish law when he worked at the Ukrainian embassy in Helsinki. Using his diplomatic status, Nalyvaichenko had set up a pipeline for smuggling antiquities.

Just this summer 22 people working for SBU were put in jail because of corruption and criminal activities.

This blogpost has all the details on the art robbery.

The suspicious evidence is a problem for the court case.

NLtimes has an english article about this news.

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4 Comments on Law expert: problems with MH17 evidence

  1. The real problem with this article is that it does not give any evidence to support the claims it states, first of all about Nalyvaichenko.

    But it’s good the expert has warned to be more scrupulous with the evidence in MH17 case. The investigation should surely listen to the warnings.

  2. SBU is way too incompetent to “frame” anything.

  3. Liane Theuer // December 16, 2015 at 2:29 pm // Reply

    I have no sympathy for Saakashvili, but this article is interesting as regards to certain evidence MH17.
    If indeed the Interior Ministry faked a video of a meeting between Saakashvili and Mazepin, then it shows clearly that there is a common practice in Kiev to fake evidence.

    Here is the story :

    And here is the video :

    Saakashvili analyzes the video :

    Who is lying ?

  4. Is there a translation of Saakashvili’s video presentation? I’m not very convinced by the reported comments of his that I have found.

    From the Interfax-Ukraine page from the first link:
    “Saakashvili presented the video to reporters and said that this is a meeting of two persons, one of whom is Mazepin and another one is unknown person whose head was replaced by the head of Saakashvili using video editing.

    The Odesa region governor said that he has another bodily constitution compared to the person in the video.”

    From Google translation of a page linked to in the second Youtube page:
    “Saakashvili said that the installation of the show and posture of interlocutors, and no waving in the wind in his hair. In addition, Saakashvili said that exaggerated its entirety, as well as the scale of the interlocutors as compared to standing next to cars. ”

    The man on the left looks to me like Saakashvili but I can’t be sure. It could also be true that his hair was too short to wave in the wind. And instead of “standing next to cars”, the two people being filmed could have been standing a good distance behind them.

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