An overview of the many lies Kremlin made on MH17

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Russian Federation made many lies about MH17. This post will provide a summary of lies by Russian authorities.

I am not going to list the many nonsense stories by other Russian organizations. The list of lies by Almaz Antey, the Investgative Commitee and Russian media is endless. I will mention one lie of Russia Today. One of their female journalists told BBC the man who lived in Torez and made photos of the BUK plume could not see the launch area from his apartment. A clear lie which can be checked by everyone.

  1. At July 21 2014 at a Ministry of Defense pressconference it stated MH17 made a strange route deviation. However at a September 26 2016 the Russians showed primary radar recordings which did not see the strange route. Russia lied at July 21 about the route. Here is the proof.
  2. At July 21 2014 Russia MoD suggested an military aircraft possibly of type SU-25 approached MH17. In November 2014 I debunked this and showed the radar marks are falling debris of MH17. At the September 26 2016 press conference Russia stated there was no other military aircraft to be seen and the radar marks  is indeed debris of the aircraft.
  3. At July 21 Russian MoD claimed a BUK TELAR was missing from an base north of Donetsk at July 17. However a Digital Globe photo taken at the same day showed there was a broken down BUK parked at the same place as Russia photoshopped it away. See this page where you can check yourself comparing the images. This post has the details about the faked satellite photo.
  4. Also at the July 21 2014 press conference Russian MoD showed a satellite photo showing two BUK TELARS  located close to a village called Zaroshchenske. However several journalists went to the village and spoke to people living there. Nobody saw a BUK nor saw or heard a launch. Also, the people stated the area was under control by the separatists at July 17 2014. Many eyewitness saw a missile launched from an area south of Snizhne.
  5. At September 28 representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova stated in response to JIT press conference “”The investigation to this day continues to ignore incontestable evidence from the Russian side despite the fact that Russia is practically the only one sending reliable information to them.”
    However, the Dutch prosecutor Fred Westerbeke stated in the JIT press conference that JIT  did receive the arena test result of Almaz Antey only two weeks ago. The results are investigated and are added to the file.
  6. Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova stated in October 2016 that JIT had promised to keep the United Nations up to date about the progress of the investigation. According Zakharova JIT did not frequently update UN. However JIT stated it never made the promise! Also Foreign Minister Lavrov stated JIT did not act according the United Nations resolution on MH17. Which is nonsense. This is resolution 2166. There is no text about frequent updates of JIT to UN.
  7. At the same press conference Zakharova stated it was absurd JIT did not include primary radar recording in the criminal investigation. However Russia never sent the radar recordings to JIT.
  8. A video was released by Ukraine Secret Service showing a BUK TELAR missing one missile transported by the same whote Volvo truck and red lowloaders as spotted on the route to deliver the BUK., Russia stated the video was made in a city called Krasnoarmeisk however there is 100% proof the video was made in Luhansk.
  9. Russia found primary radar recordings after DSB and JIT requested Russia to hand over the recordings. However despite claims, Russia did not hand over the recordings to JIT.
  10. Russia showed recordings of primary radar and claimed the radar did not detect a launch from south of Snizhne. Extremely unlikely as the radar capabilities show such a launch must have been spotted. Russia lied about the radar capabilities.
  11. The Russian Defense Ministry cast doubt on the conclusions of the investigators, saying that no Russian missile systems, including Buk, have ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border according Sputnik. Bellingcat showed that the BUK as photographed in Eastern Ukraine is in fact Russian Army BUK 332 as seen in many places in Russia while being transported the direction of the Russia/Ukraine border.
  12. Russia stated they fully cooperate with the criminal investigation. However the answer of prosecutor Westerbeke at the September 28 press conference to a question about cooperation reveals that Russia did not answer yet all questions by JIT. JIT sent several requests for legal assistence to Russia and JIT recieved partial answers to some of them. Many questions are still pending. For example the request for primary radar data. At October 11 2016 JIT still did not receive primary radar data by Russia.
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