Kremlin lies on Syria are just as notorious as its lies on MH17

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Russian embassy in the UK sent a  Tweet about the White Helmets at June 16, 2018.

It is another of many examples by clear lies of the Russian Federation. I documented many lies by Kremlin on MH17 herehere,  here,  herehere here and here.

The Russian embassy claims that White Helmets rescue the same girl three times in three months. A lie debunked by factchecker much before the Tweet of the Russian embassy was sent.

Snopes writes:

So, rather than presenting three images of the same girl (in the same clothing) supposedly being carried by rescuers after three different “refugee crises” in separate times and places, this triptych simply captures one girl being passed around from one rescuer, caretaker, or family member to another in the same disaster zone as part of humanitarian efforts undertaken after the same single bombing event in Syria that left 16 people dead

All Kremlin and its sponsored media does on Syria, MH17 and other conflicts is lie. This website has many examples.


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