Kremlin funded RT staged finding of MH17 wreckage

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A film crew of Kremlin funded RT lead by journalist Yana Yerlashova moved pieces of MH17 wreckage to another location suggesting the piece where found by the filmcrew. At the same time suggesting the recovery of important wreckage was not done properly by the investigation team.

The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency in a letter addressed to Dutch Safety Board mentioned the wreckage parts found by RT and stated the wreckage indicates the missile came from a different direction than concluded by DSB.

DSB later showed the wreckge at the press presentation of the finale report.

This is one of many examples of lies and disinformation by RT and Yana Yerlashova. A full overview in this post.

The staging by RT was first documented by Dutch newspaper Volkskrant. Journalist Bert Lanting visited around June/July 2015  the area where flight MH17 crashed. He talked to  Oleg Mirosjntsjenko , a retired miner who became the mayor of Rozsypne about 13 years ago.

The talk is disturbed by a telephone call from a television team from RT (Russia Today). They have found a piece of the plane and want to hand it to him. When he arrives at the agreed place, the blonde Russian reporter (which is confirmed to be Yana Yerlashova)  is ready with a camera and microphone. But before she can say a word, the mayor explodes when he sees the piece lying in a pile of dirt. “Who put that piece here?” He shouts. “It wasn’t here this morning. You have put it here on purpose, but I do not participate in such a theater! ” When the pro-Russian mayor gets into his car, the bewildered RT reporter calls us back in perfect American: “But this is an important piece of evidence!”

The scene was filmed by a RT filmcrew and shown in this trailer of a new documentary made by Yana Yerlashova and Max van der Werff. The man seen wearing a blue shirt is the Dutch newspaper journalist Bert Lanting.


In the 30 May 2019 edition of  De Groene Amsterdammer  a Dutch magazine, journalist Lanting adds the mayor had driven past this place himself that morning and had seen no wreckage. “It was striking that they immediately started asking me questions. About what I thought of this find, but I refused” said Lanting.

Soon after this incident the mayor was fired because he was too close to the families of people who died in the crash.

A source of mine independently confirmed this story. The source stated the RT crew took the wreckage from a location where found wreckage was brought to and dropped it somewhere else. Likely the wreckage was already stored in the town hall of Petropavlovka when RT removed it.

This is the scene in the RT documentary where the piece of wreckage is “found”. The man who found it was driving on his motorcycle when he saw a piece of shining aliminium. The shown pieces of wreckage have holes in it. The pieces are then brought to the mayor of Petropavlovka , Natalja Volosjina.

The location where the wreckage was found is likely just west of Rozsypne (48 07’55.20 38 33’19.09)   at a small dump. The top of the image below is facing East. The road is connecting Rozsypne with Petropavlovka.

The location is such that wreckage can easily be spotted when driving on the road next to it. So people living in Rozsypne or Petropavlovka must have seen the wreckage. It is impossible the man who ‘found’ the wreckage , Alexey Tanchik was the first person to see the wreckage.

The man who according RT found the wreckage, Alexey Tanchik (Aleksej Tantsjik) , was seen in another video produced by a pro-Kremlin group called MH17 Inquiry. In this video he says he saw a military jet near the time MH17 passed. Tanchik is a supporter of the pro-Russia separatists.

The RT journalist Yana Yerlashova claims on Kickstarter she found important plane debris  but “these never made it to the final report of the Dutch Safety Board” . It should be noted that the final report was made public at October 13, 2015. The pieces of wreckage  were ‘found’ by Yerlashova in June, or early July  2015

At August 3, 2015 RT reported about the DSB requesting RT to hand over the wreckage.

The Dutch Safety Board wrote in the final report presented to the public at October 13 2015 about the wreckage found by RT:

These pieces of wreckage came from the upper left side of the cockpit. Two of these pieces were received in Ukraine on 30 September 2015 and the last piece was received on 3 October 2015. On 8 October these
three pieces arrived at Gilze-Rijen Air Base. The Dutch Safety Board has assessed these pieces in the same manner as all the other pieces of wreckage.

Obviously as the first two pieces were received in Ukraine on September 30, it is impossible for DSB to investigate these in time for the final report.  DSB showed the piece of wreckage found by Yerlashova  to the press at October 13, 2015 as proven by the image shown below.

Yerlashova did not respond to requests for comment via Twitter. Max van der Werff was requested to provide her email address but did not respond.

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6 Comments on Kremlin funded RT staged finding of MH17 wreckage

  1. On one of the forums, the man with the nickname “Separatist” said that these fragments were found in a landfill outside of the Petropavlovka. This does not contradict what was said.
    It is not clear, and here the mayor of Rassypnogo Miroshnichenko, if the debris transferred to Petropavlovka, where the mayor was Natalia Voloshin. This is not his territory, why is he shouts? In addition, the video shows how the fragment is brought, it means before that, and in the morning of this day as well, it was not there, which is natural. It looks like someone else is lying.

    • If the wreckage was indeed found in Petropavlovka, why did Yana call the mayor of Rozsypne?
      As wreckage is collected in the town hall of Petropavlovka.
      The mayor of Rozsypne has all reasons to shout as he discovered that the RT filmcrew faked the finding of important wreckage.

      I hope someone can tell where the wreckage was “found” by Yana.

  2. August 3, 2015 RT reported that the DSB turned to the TV channel with a request to help get the details of the aircraft shown in the film.
    Took September 30.
    “Two of these pieces were received in Ukraine on 30 September 2015
    and the last piece was received on 3 October 2015. On 8 October these
    three pieces arrived at Gilze-Rijen Air Base. ”
    Any official comments , why it took 2 whole months? DNR did not give or not DSB taken away?
    Lol, In a double translation, my first post looks terrible. I’ll try shortly. Fragments found in June. The one who found them hid and decided to give to journalists. When the journalists arrived, they reconstructed the events, took the fragments to the place where they found (maybe here and filmed the report. What is a lie?

    • Thx for the additional information! I added it to the post. Well, if RT did a reconstruction they should make that clear in the documentary.
      They did not. They pretended they just discovered the wreckage and suggested DSB was not interested in the wreckage as it has been there for a year.
      It is basically the same as Patrick Lancaster did with human bones.

  3. “So people living in Rozsypne or Petropavlovka must have seen the wreckage. It is impossible the man who ‘found’ the wreckage , Alexey Tanchik was the first person to see the wreckage.”

    Perhaps, if these debris were found in their yard by someone who left in 2014 and returned home in 2015, and then threw it in a landfill, which he wrote about “Сепаратист”
    “Эти обломки были распилены болгаркой и ненужные части,сильно покорёженные,были просто выброшены.”
    (link in the first post)

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