Kremlin endores book on MH17 written by Malaysian conspiracy theorist who believes Illuminati is behind the downing

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During the weekly pressconference by the Kremin, the spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, endorsed a book written by a Malaysian author named Syed Mahadzir Syed Ibrahim. The author wrote a book on MH17 and MH370 and blaims the illuminati for downing. 

It is the next level of complete idiot statements by Kremlin on MH17. Kremlin lied over 100 times on MH17.

Zakharova responded to a question by a journalist who mentioned the book.

Answer: Thank you for your question. Indeed, in late May such a book was published in Malaysia.

As far as I know, M. Ibrahim paid special attention to various versions of the crash of flight МН17, as well as to motives, including not always obvious ones, which, he believes, were driven by certain countries that participated in various stages of the investigation into the crash. For example, the United States, according to the author, could use the tragedy to justify the need for new sanctions against Russia.

The appearance of this book testifies to the increasing desire of the Malaysians to form their own opinion about what happened. We believe that the latter is especially important, given how one-sided and engaged in the West this tragedy has been illuminated for years.

The book endorsed by the Kremlin is  a book titled “Membongkar Misteri Tragedi MH370 & MH17: Angkara Yahudi Dajjal Illuminati”, by  conspiracy writer” Syed Mahadzir Syed Ibrahim.

The name of the author matches a Tweet by the Foreign Ministry of Russia. The author of the book writes about conspiracy theories surrounding the two tragedie MH17 and MH370 , suggesting that the Illuminati were behind them. The author wrote a serie of books about conspiracy and illuminati.

I had a hard time finding this book and its author. It is very clear the journalist was requested by the Kremlin to ask this question.

Update July 10:

Jerusalem Post picked up this story and reported here. 

Asked if this was, indeed, the book Zakharova referred to, the Russian Foreign Ministry did not deny it, saying: “It is not our task to comment on the conclusions of the Malaysian author.

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