Kremlin and the media it controls lied over 100 times about MH17

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Within hours after the shot down of MH17 the Russian media controled by Kremlin started to spread disinformation. A few days later the Kremlin joined and started to spread nonsense and lies as well. This post provides an overview of most of the lies, nonsense and disinformation by Kremlin and the media it controls (RT, Tass, Sputnik) since July 17, 2014

The overview below is limited to reports in non Russian language by Russian state media. The overview does not include statements by Kremlin officials like “Russia was not member of the investigation team’.  While this is a fact,  it is obvious Russia as main suspect cannot be a member of the team doing the investigation’.

The Kremlin lies initially focussed on false claims MH17 changed its route on order by Ukraine air traffic control. This was debunked very soon, even by evidence provided by Kremlin itself. Another false claim was the aircraft was shot down by a SU-25. After the Dutch Safety Board in its final report concluded MH17 was downed by a missile the Kremlin narrative changed focussing on a missile.

Kremlin in all 5 years discredited both the DSB and JIT investigations stating it was biased, Russia was not allowed to participate and evidence was neglected. This is all debunked.

At severall occasions Kremlin clearly wanted to muddy the waters by holding a pressconference just before a major  pressconference bu investigators of DSB and JIT.

This list was updated last at Janaury 18, 2020

  1. Within hours after the shotdown a Twitter account of someone called Carlos sent Tweets stating Ukraine fighter aircraft shot down MH17. The man called himself Carlos and pretended to be working as an air traffic controller in Kiev. Carlos was seen many times in RT news reports. On July 19, two days after the downing, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov repeated a fabricated claim that originated on Twitter of how a Spanish air traffic controller named Carlos saw two Ukrainian fighter jets near MH17. Even president Putin mentioned Carlos in an interview with Oliver Stone.
    However Carlos was not an air traffic controller. He is a Spanish ex-convict detained by Romanian police for alleged fraud in August 2013 — nine months before his appearance on RT Spanish.More info on Carlos here. 
  2. At July 18, 2014 the Russian troll factory IRA starts a massive disinformation campaign blaiming Ukraine for the disaster. Lots of nonsense statements were made using Twitter. Allmost all Tweets were in Russian language.
  3. At July 18, Russian state tv Russia24 and state press agency Interfax reported

    “The aim could have been Plane No. 1,” Russia 24 television said, referring to Putin’s presidential jet, quoting an Interfax civil aviation source as saying the logo on the Malaysian plane’s wing “looks like the Russian tricolour.”

    A lie. The plane of Putin took a totally different route. 

  4. At July 18, Russia’s UK Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko aired his grievances with Russia being “groundlessly” targeted for blame
  5. Immediately after the shot down Russia media and government agencies started to make adjustments to Wikipedia pages. For example the maximum altitude the SU-25 can operate.
  6. At July 18 2014, RT (at that time still called Russia Today) stated the the route of MH17 at July was different than one the previous two days. Suggesting the aircraft was led into a war zone.
    A lie debunked here and here.
  7. On July 19, two days after the downing, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov repeated a fabricated claim that originated on Twitter of how a Spanish air traffic controller named Carlos saw two Ukrainian fighter jets near MH17. Antonov now is the Russian ambassador to the United States.
  8. In a July 21 2014 pressconference in Moscow, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated “Why did Ukrainian air traffic control officers allow a deviation of the plane’s route to the north in the direction of the “area of the counter-terrorism operation” suggesting Ukraine ATC deliberately send the aircraft to a war zone. The facts are the crew of MH17 requested a small deviation of the route due to weather. The DSB report states that just when the aircraft was back on the flightplan route, Russian ATC requested a re-route of the aircraft.
    The Russian MoD showed an image which was supposed to show the route of MH17. The route shows a very strange detour towards the north. This was a faked route.
  9. During the July 21, 2014 pressconference the MoD suggested an Ukraine Air Force SU-25 downed MH17. Lieutenant-General  Andrey Kartopolov stating the following:
    A Ukraine Air Force military jet was detected gaining height, it’s distance from the Malaysian Boeing was 3 to 5km…. The SU-25 fighter jet can gain an altitude of 10km, according to its specification…. It’s equipped with air-to-air R-60 missiles that can hit a target at a distance up to 12km, up to 5km for sureThis was nonsense. The Dutch Safety Board final report concluded MH17 was downed by a Russian made BUK missile.Russia later handed over radar image which did not show any aircraft near MH17.
  10. During the July 21, 2014 pressconference  the MoD showed faked satellite photos. The photos were supposed to prove that a Ukraine BUK Telar was moved from its base and moved south to a position where it could have shot down MH17. The satellite photo showed a BUK that could not have been used as photos taken from ground level show it was missing many parts. Also the Russian satellite which took the photo according the Kremlin was not over Ukraine at that moment.
  11. During the July 21, 2014 pressconference the MoD stated a video showing a BUK TELAR with one missile missing was not filmed in Luhansk, but in Ukraine controlled Krasnoarmeysk. This was a another lie.
  12. During the July 21, 2014 pressconference  the MoD claimed a Ukrainian Buk was deployed near Zaroshchenske, where it fired the missile to down MH17. A lie. There is no evicence, no eyewitness who can confirm that claim. Also calculations presented by JIT show the missile was launched from an area south of Snizhne.
  13.  In a July 21st interview with the Russian Ambassador to Malaysia, Lyudmila Vorobyeva, the diplomat gave credence to a number of claims: pointing out that a Ukrainian crew may have been targeting Russian President Putin’s plane, that a Ukrainian “air defense system” fired on the plane, and that Russian-led separatists had no access to any surface-to-air missile systems that could have downed MH17. Ambassador Vorobyeva also repeated the MoD’s false claim of a Ukrainian fighter jet near MH17. All lies.
  14. At July 23,2014 the Russian ambassador for the European Union Vladimir Chizhov has said Ukraine is producing fake evidence which pointed towards Russian-backed rebels shooting the plane down.
    A lie.
  15. In October 2014 Russian stated funded RT published a documentary on MH17. One of the scenes shows a derelict aircraft being shot at by a SU25 using its canon. Later the DSB report conclused the size of holes made by a canon were not observed at the wreckage of MH17.
  16. At November 14, Russian State tv showed a satellite photo of an Ukraine fighterjet which just launched a missile towards a Boeing 777. This was a faked photo.
  17. Also at November 14, 2014 Kremlin financed RT published a story about Russian radar data showed MH17 was not alone. Two military jets were near MH17. A lie.
  18. In June 2015, the Russian Investigative Committee released information about a “witness” who described how a Ukrainian pilot (Captain Vladislav Voloshin) was responsible for the downing of MH17. Later it turned out, confirmed by Russian authorities, that no other aircraft was near MH17.
  19. In June 2015 Almaz-Antey , the state run Russian manufacturer of the BUK surface to air missile system, held a pressconference. It presented a couple of proven lies. For example the statement the 9M38M1 missile is only in use by Ukraine.
    Debunked here .
  20. The second lie in the same pressconference was the statement by Almaz Antey that the Buk missile was launched from an area close to the small village of Zaroschinskoe.
    There has been not a single piece of evidence that Ukraine troops had a Buk near this village. Calculations by Almaz Antey as included in the DSB final report show the missile was launched in an area south of Snizhne.
  21. Luhansk People Republic authorities did not give permission for JIT investigation team to check mobile telephone towers.
  22. In July 2015 Russia used its veto to block a United Nations tribunal. Russia was the only nation at the 15-member UN Security Council to oppose the move, triggering widespread condemnation.
  23. In July 2015 RT presented another documentary on MH17. RT suggested the body of the pilot was not hit by shrapnel of the BUK missile. However RT failed to mention they mentioned the relief pilot, who was in the rest area behind the cockpit at the moment of impact.
  24. In a July 2015 documentary RT staged the finding of wreckage suggesting the Dutch investigation team failed to recover important evidence (source)
  25. RT published in July 2015 an opinion piece which stated .  “The probe into the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 is being conducted by “idiots”.
  26. In Augusts 2015 Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated ‘Russia is the only country that provided the data from its radars for investigation’. He did this statement when the final report of Dutch Safety Board was not yet released. In October 2015, when that report was made public, it was clear Ukraine handed over secondary radar data. Russia just handed over a recording of the radar images. Which is not detailled enough for investigation purposes. Also Russia failed to hand over radar data of a second radar station despite a formal request by JIT. Full text of statements Lavrov here. 
  27. In the same interview Lavrov stated
    The participants in the investigation did not contact the Russian corporation Almaz-Antey, the manufacturer of the Buk surface-to-air missile system, which, as Kiev and some Western countries claim, was used to down the plane (RbtH)The final DSB report cleary shows DSB did contact Almaz Antey (AA). AA did provide information as shown below. Clear lie by Lavrov.
  28. In the same interview Lavrov stated:
    Ukrainians were repeatedly asked to submit recordings of talks between air traffic controllers, the air control tower and the crews of the aircraft that flew over that territory on that day. This was not done either.A clear lie. In the final report conversations between Ukraine air traffic control and MH17 is included.
  29. At October 13, 2015, just hours before Dutch Safety Board presented the final report, Almaz Antey held a pressconference. It showed results of test in which a Buk missile exploded near a IL86 aircraft. DSB, press and neutral experts were not invited to attend and validate the test.
  30. In October 2015 Dutch Minister Koenders stated Russia avoided talks with the Netherlands.
  31. Almaz Antey claimed at the pressconference:

    There are no butterfly shaped (Doube T shaped) holes to be seen in MH17 debris. This butterfly is typical for 9M38M1 missile which has three shapes of fragment

    A lie. This photo shows a part of the cockpit showing a hole with a clear bowtie shape. Bowtie shrapnel was found in the body of one of the pilots. Also the shape of the bowtie changes as result of the forces of explosion and intense heat.

  32. The day after the DSB pressconference on the final report, Oleg Storchevoy, deputy head of Russia’s national aviation regulator Rosaviatsia , held a press briefing in Moscow.  “Rosaviatsia suspects the Netherlands of falsifying wreckage pieces,” a headline by pro-Kremlin tabloid LifeNews read, citing Storchevoy as saying the shrapnel referred to in the Dutch report was not identical to that found at the wreckage site. Report of pressconference here.
  33. Also at October 14, 2015 Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov called the DSB investigation biased.
  34. In April 2016 Kremlin financed Sputnik reported ‘MH17 May Have Been Downed By Ukrainian Jet, According to BBC Documentary’
    A lie as the documentary did not conclude that.
  35. At Monday August 10 Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesperson Maria Zakharova made a couple of incorrect statements about the DSB investigation:“The fact that ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) does not participate in the investigation of MH17 crash in east Ukraine causes confusion and raises questions in Moscow,  she told Rossiya 24 TV channel on Monday” and published by Tass here.This is another lie. ICAO is not actively involved. ICAO is an UN agency which for example publishes guidelines on how air crash investigations should be performed. The DSB investigation was performed according these guidelines. The report was praised by many world leaders. (more info)
  36. At Monday August 10 Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesperson Maria Zakharova also stated:
    “I am not even talking about plane parts that were left in the field. Our questions on why not all debris were collected, we were told that what had been collected and transported was enough. But this is not right,” she stressedThat is another lie. Even today parts of MH17 are in the crash area. DSB collected the wreckage which was important to investigate the cause of the crash. The part of the Boeing 777 behind the business class section does not provide any evidence as this was not hit by the Buk missile.
  37. At July 6, 2016 Russia stated they fully cooperate with the criminal investigation. However the answer of prosecutor Westerbeke at the September 28 press conference to a question about cooperation reveals that Russia did not answer yet all questions by JIT. JIT sent several requests for legal assistence to Russia and JIT recieved partial answers to some of them. Many questions are still pending. For example the request for primary radar data. At October 11 2016 JIT still did not receive primary radar data by Russia
  38. At September 28 2016 representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova stated in response to JIT press conference “”The investigation to this day continues to ignore incontestable evidence from the Russian side despite the fact that Russia is practically the only one sending reliable information to them.”
    However, the Dutch prosecutor Fred Westerbeke stated in the JIT press conference that JIT  did receive the arena test result of Almaz Antey only two weeks ago. The results are investigated and are added to the file.
  39. In September 2016, just two days before a JIT pressconference, Russia as a surprise all of a sudden shows radar images at a pressconference. Russia’s excuse for being so late with handing over radar data was that the state ‘found the data on an old hard disk during regular maintenance’.
  40. The radar data supplied by Russia was not in the ASTERIX format which is a standard for crash investigation. Russia failed to provide manuals in English language. As a result the investigation required more time (source)
  41. Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova stated in October 2016 that JIT had promised to keep the United Nations up to date about the progress of the investigation. According Zakharova JIT did not frequently update UN. However JIT stated it never made the promise! Also Foreign Minister Lavrov stated JIT did not act according the United Nations resolution on MH17. Which is nonsense. This is resolution 2166. There is no text about frequent updates of JIT to UN.
  42. In September 2016 the Russian Defense Ministry cast doubt on the conclusions of the investigators, saying that no Russian missile systems, including Buk, have ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border according SputnikBellingcat showed that the BUK as photographed in Eastern Ukraine is in fact Russian Army BUK 332 as seen in many places in Russia while being transported the direction of the Russia/Ukraine border.
  43. At January 12 2017 Maria Zakharova, spokeswomen for the Russian Ministery of Foreign Affairs, told another clear lie. In her weekly pressbriefing she told:We’ve really seen the news reports where it was said that the journalists have collected the parts of the crashed plane and body parts of the supposed victims of the crash. As it emerged, all the above mentioned parts are still located at the crash site and is not being examined by the collaborative investigation team under the direction of the Public Prosecution Service of the Netherlands.Zakharova suggests these are important pieces of wreckage. A lie. 
  44. At February 3, 2017 Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated  “victims’ families who are demanding the resumption of search missions and accusing the Dutch authorities of negligence and indifference”.  This is nonsense. The victims’s families are not ‘accusing the Dutch authorities of negligence and indifference’. There is not a single piece of evidence for that!
  45. At February 3, 2017 Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova statedThe victims’ relatives will mark already the third anniversary of this horrible tragedy in their calendar in summer but they still have no explicit answer about the causes and the culprits,”Nonsense. The cause of the shot down was made clear by the Joint Investigation Team during the September 2016 press conference. A BUK TELAR which was transported from Russia to Eastern Ukraine shot down MH17. The JIT is now finding the individuals responsible for transporation the BUK and launching the missile.
  46. In March 2017 the Dutch prosecution service explicitly requested radar data of the Buturinskaya radar antenna. Earlier, at 15 October 2014 the Dutch prosecution service requested Russia to hand over primary radar data regarding the area Donetsk/Luhansk for the period from 14 July up to and including 18 July 2014. However Russia failed to hand over data of the Buturinskaya radar antenna.
  47. In August 2017 it became known Putin made remarks about Carlos , the fake air traffic controller. The quote below is from a book  titled The Putin Interviews which was published in English in June and includes comments by the Russian president.

    “As far as I know, right away after this terrible catastrophe, one of the Ukrainian air controllers — I think he was a specialist originating from Spain — announced that he had seen a military aircraft in the corridor assigned for civil aircraft. And there could have been no other military aircraft than the one controlled by the Ukrainian authorities,”

  48. At September 2017 Dutch Public Prosection Service (OM) stated it has requested Russia to answer several questions on their Buk systems. For example  information concerning numbers found on several recovered missile parts. Russia did not answer the questions (OM)
  49. In October 2017 Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated the Dutch investigation team has a selective approach to collecting evidence. However the prosecutor stated the investigation team will document all evidence.
  50. In March 2018 Russian ambassador to Australia Grigory Logvinov  lied by stating “We provided this international investigation with all the data we had on the MH17 crash. They are not analysing that”.
  51. In April 2018 minister Lavrov of foreign affairs states  during a press conference Russian are answering and have answered all requests of Dutch prosecutors in the context of providing legal assistance. That is a lie.
  52. In May 29, 2018 minister Larov of Foreign Affairs visited Belarus. He made serverall lies during a  speech. First lie: he stated JIT ignored evidence provided by Russia. Not true. JIT accepted all evidence.
  53. In May 2018 the JIT held another pressconference. It stated a Buk Telar which belonged to a Russian unit was used to shot down MH17. Many Russian persons and organizations responded. For example Yury Shvytkin, deputy head of the State Duma Defense Committee“Foolishness. It’s clearly fake.”, he said.
    A lie to discredit the investigation.
  54. In May 2018 the Russian MoD stated it did not use a BUK missile shown by the JIT after 2011. However an August 2014 made photo shows a transport by the Russian army of a BUK missile produced in 1986.
  55. The Russian embassy in South Africa lied about the age of BUK missiles used by Russian armed forces. In this Tweet it stated “Russian MoD: Serial code on Buk missile fragments shown by JIT indicate it was made in 1986. All such missiles used by @mod_russia were destroyed in 2011 (max 25y service).” See this post for a debunk of that lie
  56. In May 2018 Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated

    Moscow had shown its willingness to provide all the necessary assistance to identify those behind this tragedy.

    This blogpost shows this was a lie.

  57. Russia’s Defense Ministry rejected all the accusations saying that none of the Russian Army’s air defense missile systems had ever crossed the border between Russia and Ukraine.
    Open source information used by Bellingcat showed a Buk Telar crossed the border. JIT in a 2018 pressconference concluded a Buk Telar crossed the border.
  58. In May 2018 Russian Ministry of Defense stated :“the determination of the Dutch-led investigation to justifying its conclusions by solely using images from social networks that have been expertly altered with computer graphic editing tools.”
    Nonsense as explained here
  59. At May 25, 2018 Russian President Vladimir Putin said the rocket that shot down flight MH17 over war-torn eastern Ukraine in 2014 was “of course” not Russian, dismissing the Dutch and Australian decision to blame Moscow for the tragedy.
    A clear lie as JIT has evidence a Russian Buk Telar shot down MH17.
  60. In June 2018 President Putin said for Austrian television ” the investigation is biased, partly because there are no Russian experts in the JIT”.
    A lie and nonsense. A suspect is never part of a criminal investigation team.
  61. In June 2018  Dmitry Polyanskiy, first deputy permanent representative at the Russian mission to the UN sent this Tweet stating “Russia wants accountability for real perpetrators of this crime and is ready to work to establish the truth. But and claims are based on fakes”
    A clear lie.
  62. At July 17, 2018, exactly four years after MH17 was shot down by a Russian BUK missile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation released a press bulletin about MH17. One of the statements was “Russia remains committed to Security Council Resolution 2166 and stands ready to assist the investigation in order to establish the truth and hold accountable those responsible for this tragedy.”
    A lie as this blogpost shows.
  63. At the same date another lie. This time by the Russian Mission to the United Nations. In a Tweet dated July 17, 2018 the Russian mission stated that “not a single anti-aircraft missile system of Russian Armed Forces has ever crossed the Russia-Ukraine border.
    Besides the Buk Telar also severall SA-22 Pantsir systems were spotted in Ukraine. Only Russia operares the Pantsir.
  64. In August 3, 2018 Kremlin finance RT reports that Dmitry Polyanskiy, first deputy permanent representative at the Russian mission to the UN had said
    Russia has done everything to help the MH17 investigationLie. See all the facts in this blogpost of obstruction by Russia.
  65. In an open letter to The Washington Post dated August 2018 the deputy permanent representative at the Russian mission wrote:
    It is enough to indicate that the investigators do not press the US to provide satellite data from the day and the site of the crush (Americans publicly confirmed that they possess such data, but it is “classified”)A lie. In October 2017 is was reported US handed over classified data like photographs. So Dmitry Polyanskiy should have known he lied.
  66. Another lie in the same letter: We also have a lot of reasons not to trust particularly Bellingcat which was repeatedly caught red-handed by Internet users by voicing anti-Russian or anti-Syrian allegations based on fakes.Russia failed to present any proof for this statement. There are no valid proofs which could confirm this statement provided by trustfull parties either.
  67. Another lie in the same letter.” Besides, there are a lot of other Internet social-media investigators on the Web who claim things opposite to the “findings” of Bellingcat that clearly indicate that Ukraine is behind the downing of MH17.”
    There are no ‘clearly indication’ on internet Ukraine is behind downing.
  68. In the same letter another lie

    My country remains ready to join international investigative efforts to find the truth about MH17 crash. We are also consistently supporting the efforts to find those responsible of this crime and bring them to justice.

    See this blogpost showing Russia did not cooperate at all.

  69. In September 2018 the Russian Ministry of Defense had another press conference. It stated a BUK missile shown by JIT in the pressconference was many years ago delivered to Ukraine and never left the county. So claiming Ukraine shot down MH17.
    A lie as proven here
  70. During the same pressconference the Russian MoD stated the video showing the Buk Telar was faked.
    A lie. A satellite photo showed the same transport.
  71. In January 2019 Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Nikolay Vinnichenko stated

    It was fully proven that the missile whose debris was shown by the JIT belonged to Ukraine.

    A lie. No proof except nonsense provided by Russia.

  72. In January 2019 Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Nikolay Vinnichenko stated

    Where is the data of Ukraine and the United States? If there isn’t any, why has it not been requested?

    A lie. In October 2017 is was reported US handed over classified data like photographs. So Dmitry Polyanskiy should have known he lied.

  73. In April 2019 the Russian Embassy in Australia made several lies in a statement. One of lies is Russia stated activities of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) do not correspond to the letter and spirit of the resolution. The investigation is being conducted without recognizing the key role of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
    Nonsense. JIT is performing a criminal investigation. ICAO is an aviation agency. It has no link to police and public prosecution.
  74. Another lie by the Russian embassy is stating “A number of presented evidence by the JIT  against Russia turned out to be nothing more than fakes mounted by the Ukrainian special services.” Russia failed to present any example.
  75. Another lie, even multiple in the same sentence is about JIT cooperating with Bellingcat.
  76. Another lie in the same statement about investigators who did not talk to air traffic controller.
  77. Another lie ‘Russia remains committed to UN Security Council Resolution 2166’. See this blogpost for many examples why Russia is not willing to fully cooperate with resolution 2166
  78. In June 2019 the lawyer representing Russia stated Russia cooperated with both JIT and DSB. Which is a clear lie as the state did not respond to severall requests by JIT. In July 2018 the G7 members urged Russia to cooperate.

    In June 2019 US minister Pompeo stated “Russia does not cooperate sufficiently in the investigation of the downing of flight MH17 over Donbas, eastern Ukraine, in July 2014 and must report on what happened”
  79. At June 18 2019 RTL Nieuws published an interview with the leader of the separatists in 2014 Aleksandr Borodaj. He claims all the video’s and photos showing the Russian Buk Telar in separatists controlled area are fakes. A lie.
  80. Aleksandr Borodaj also stated the separatists did not have a Buk. A lie.
  81. During the JIT pressconference prosecutor Fred Westerbeke stated Russia did not respond to questions by JIT where the Buk 3×2 was located at July 17, 2014
  82. During the JIT pressconference at June 19 prosecutor Fred Westerbeke stated Russia did not respond to questions by JIT where Dubinsky was located at July 17, 2014.
  83. At June 20 a BBC reporter asked Putin if it was time time to admit Russia is responsible for the downing. Putin responded by saying Russia never ducks its responsibility.
    A clear lie as this post proves. The Netherlands representative at the UN sent a letter to the president of the UNSC saying Russia does not fully cooperate with resolution 2166.
  84. A statement by the Russian embassy in the UK at June 21 stated
    “From the very first day of the tragedy, Russia has actively cooperated with the Netherlands”
    A clear lie. See this blogpost and the letter by the Dutch representative for the UN. Also prosecutor Westerbeke stated Russia did not fully cooperate.
  85. A statement by the Russian embassy in the UK at June 21 stated
    “Russia has presented all information it had on the MH17 crash obtained by the respective agencies in the course of their own investigation.
    A lie. See points 79 and 80 for example
  86. A statement by the Russian embassy in the UK at June 21 stated it had provided “primary radar data”
    Lie: it did not provide radar data of a second radar station. It initially did not hand over primary radar data in raw format. Only after over two years it handed over raw primary radar data in a non-standard format.
  87. A statement by the Russian embassy in the UK at June 21 stated ” as precision expert analysis proving that the video clips supporting the JIT’s conclusions were fabricated”
    A lie. These are real video clips. The expert analysis is nonsense.
  88. A statement by the Russian embassy in the UK at June 21 stated “documents showing that the missile that downed the Malaysian Boeing belonged to Ukraine”
    These are fake documents
  89. A statement by the Russian Foreign Ministery at June 19 stated “the JIT did not produce a single shred of concrete evidence to back up its groundless statements.”
    A lie. Telephone tapes were presented, a vKontakte chat. All evidence will be presented in the court case
  90. A statement by the Russian Foreign Ministery at June 19 stated “From the very first day of the tragedy, Russia has been vitally interested in finding the truth and willing to help the investigation in every respect.”
    A lie as this blogpost shows. I stopped counting the other lies in the same statement.
  91. Russia state media Vesti switched words of a family member of a MH17 victim.
  92. The Russian embassy to the Netherlands made the same statement as Foreign Ministry. I count these multple lies as one.
  93. The Russian Embassy in Tallinn lied multiple times in a statement
  94. In a letter sent by the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations dated June 22 more lies are written. I will only mention in this blogpost the clear lies and disinformation. The letter states:
    We make the utmost efforts to determine a true – not a made-up – picture of what happened on 17 July 2014 in the airspace over eastern Ukraine
    This overviews of lies, desinformation and the lack of cooperation with JIT shows this line in Russian letter is another lie.
  95. The letter states:
    We have provided full and timely answers to the majority of the requests for legal assistance by the Dutch public prosecution service.
    In fact Russia did not respond to multiple legal requests for help. For example Russia failed to hand over radar data of a second radar station. Russia failed to answer where the suspected Buk was at July 17, 2014. Many more examples in this blogpost.
  96. The letter states:
    violations of International Civil Aviation Organization rules
    suggesting the Dutch Safety Board did not comply to recommendations by ICAO. Russia never mentioned any example of such violation. Another lie.
  97. The letter states :
    inaccuracies during the reconstruction layout of the plane’s fuselage
    The letter fails to mention details about this statement. I can only guess Russia believes that the DSB did not attach some recovered wreckage to the reconstruction shown in Gilze Rijen, the Netherlands. I explained here why this is nonsense.
  98. The letter states:
    Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ukraine initially agreed to filter all the information and release only what had been agreed among them by concluding a confidential agreement of 7 August 2014
    The exact content of the JIT-agreement was never made public. It was confirmed it has a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which means information can only be made public by one of the members when the other members agree. This is to protect the court trial. “Filter information” is not the case and this is disinformation by Russia.
  99. The letter states:
    We responsibly execute the requests for legal assistance.
    As explained earlier in this blogpost this is a lie.
  100. The letter states:
    We have handed over raw, unprocessed radar data that absolutely exclude the
    probability of the missile that downed the Boeing being launched from the area of
    Pervomayskoye, as was claimed by the joint investigation team.
    That is disinformation. Despite multiple requests by JIT Russia never handed over radar data of a second radar station located in Buturinskoe. Calculations done by experts including Almaz Antey showed the missile was launched from Pervomayskoye.
  101. The letter states:
    the investigators this time again could not provide convincing evidence of Russia’s involvement in the incident.
    Russia is aware that JIT cannot provide all the evidence it has. This will be presented in court. So this line is disinformation.
  102. The letter states:
    Especially cynical was the statement by a joint investigation team representative
    that “the absence of evidence does not prove innocence”.
    This was not said by the JIT representative. The correct quote is “”The absence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence“.
  103. The letter states:
    The way in which the investigation has been conducted so far does not allow one to speak of its impartiality and independence
    It is the talk of a suspect. This is clear disinformation.I missed a couple of lies in the months before January 2020. I continue with lie 104.
  104. At a pressconference at January 17, 2020 Lavrov told a couple of lies in response to a question asked by a journalist. Foreign Minister Lavrov  said that Russia is actively cooperating in the investigation: “They do not want Russia on the international investigation team, but we have delivered everything that was asked of us.”. That is a clear lie. Russia did not respond to multiple questions by JIT. For example abou the whereabouts of the Buk, and radarrecordings of the second radarstation. (see point 46)
  105. Lavrov in the same pressconference stated the investigation team was not interested in the audio recording of conversations between pilots and air traffic controllers. A lie. The Dutch Safety Board documented parts of the conversation. The JIT does not reveal what evidence it has. So Lavrov tells lies (source)
  106. Lavrov stated the US did not hand over satellite data. “Lavrov said indignantly, underlining that the US satellite data had not been provided either.” That is another lie. See point 65.
  107. In the same pressconference Lavrov stated “When Dutch lawmakers asked the government a question of why the investigation does not ask Ukraine why its airspace had not been closed, the Dutch government keeps mum. You see there are still multiple questions,” Lavrov added.” That is a lie. Dutch government started an investigation into the failure to close the Ukraine airspace. (source)
  108. in the same pressconference: “They shy away from that and attempt to package it like ‘the probe is not over yet, but you are guilty, so let’s start talking about compensations’,” he said. A clear lie. The JIT concluded MH17 was downed by a Russian supplied Buk Telar Surface to Air missile launcher, The criminal investigation continues to find the names of people responsible for the downing
  109. Lavrov stated that the investigation team should report to UN but never did. “”Among other things, the resolution stipulated that those engaged in the investigation should regularly report to the UN Security Council. There has not been a single report yet,” he noted.”A lie. The text of Resolution 2166 does not say anthing about reporting,
  110. Lavrov states Malaysia was not invited to join JIT and only joined JIT 6 months later. “”Actually, Malaysia has not been invited even though its Boeing was shot down. It was invited to join six months later, not in order to participate in the criminal investigation but to participate in the technical probe,” the acting foreign minister said.”. A lie. Malaysia became a full member after four months. The delay was caused by Malaysia still having the death penalty. (source)
  111. In the same sentence is another lie by Lavrov. “not in order to participate in the criminal investigation but to participate in the technical probe,” the acting foreign minister said”. Nonsense. Malaysia joined JIT, which is the criminal investigation.
  112. At the weekly pressconference Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told more lies. According Tass he said: “Zakharova recalled that Russia had provided sufficient evidence in the MH17 case testifying that all charges against it were absolutely groundless.”. This blogpost is full of evidence Russia did not provide sufficient evidence. It did not hand over radardata of a second radarstation, it did not answer questions on the whereabouts of the Buk.
  113. At the European Court for Human Right Russia stated that a video showing the Buk Telar at July 17 was uploaded to Youtube at July 16. However, as Kremlin must know, a bug in Youtube caused the data to be incorrect. Google fixed this later.
  114. After the first three days of trials in June the spokeswomen for the Russian Foreign Ministry made a lie about bowtie-shaped fragments.


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1 Comment on Kremlin and the media it controls lied over 100 times about MH17

  1. possibly this is yet another not mentioned lie:
    “Komsomolskaya Pravda, a pro-Kremlin tabloid, published an interview with a former Ukrainian airforce mechanic called Yevgeny Agapov who claimed Voloshyn had been on a mission when MH17 was downed and returned to base looking shaken. ”
    IIRC that kind of event has hsppened 23.jul 2014.

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