Kremlin lie #113 on MH17: Youtube video was not uploaded at July 16

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The Kremlin and the media mouthpieces under its control (Sputnik, RT, RIA, Tass) lied and spread disinformation many times on MH17 . In this overview 113 examples of lies and disinformation are documented. In reality there are far more.

Lie #113 was noted during the talk of the Dutch public prosector at day 2 of the trial. The prosecutor told that Russia in a case at the European Court for Human Rights:

The Russian Federation’s written statement in the ECtHR proceedings claims that a YouTube version of the video of the TELAR in Snizhne gives 16 July 2014 as its ‘encoded date’, i.e. one day before the downing of flight MH17 and the making of the other images of the TELAR. The Russian Federation argues that the encoded date can never be earlier than the date on which the video is actually uploaded, and consequently the video must already have been uploaded on 16 July 2014.

This has been debunked many years ago. It is remarkable the lawyers of Kremlin uses this nonsense in a trial.

Bellingcat in this article explains why the date of the video showed and upload date of July 16. A Google engineer explained this was caused by a bug in the encoding software.

Already at July 21, 2014 Metabunk explained this issue. Someone uploaded a video and this video also had the wrong upload date.



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