JIT: “there will be no public release of a final report on MH17 “

by Today the spokesman of the Dutch prosecutor and JIT, Mr de Bruin, confirmed by email that JIT will not publish a final report which will be made public. Once the investigation has finished the results will be handed over to a court of justice. Untill today there is no information about which court will perform the prosecution. This contradicts the statements of Malaysian PM Razak. Razak  published end of May 2016 at his  personal website Najib said both he and Putin agreed that both countries would sit down to deliberate on the course of action after the release of the Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) report on the criminal aspect of the tragedy in October Also several newspapers in Malaysia reported about this news. For example the New Strait Times reported at May 25. JIT denied there will be a report released in October. Before summer 2016 JIT will announce: the exact type of missile and warhead used to down MH17 the exact location where the missile was launched from I asked the spokesman of JIT about the way the above investigation results will be made public. Will it be something like?: “we established the weapon was a missile of type xxx … Continue reading JIT: “there will be no public release of a final report on MH17 “