JIT: “Russian Federation handed over MH17 radar recordings in unusual format”

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At January 27 2017 the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie)   informed the next of kin that the investigation of the radar recordings supplied by Russia is complicated because the unusual format the data was handed over.

In this post I explained that radar data normally used for crash investigation is supplied in the ASTERIX format.

The message of the OM/JIT suggests ASTERIX was not used by Russia for the data. According JIT message to next of kin:

“Despite the fact that the Russian Federation is a member state of the Convention of International Civil Aviation and has acknowledged the aforementioned ICAO rules, the data supplied by the Russian Federation do not comply with these requirements.”

The hand over in an unusual format adds to the suspicion that radar data was manipulated by the Russian Federation. In this post I explained that according me, radar data was indeed manipulated.

Below the message which was communicated by JIT/OM to the next of kin.

In late September of 2016, the Russian Federation made radar images public through a televised presentation. In response to a number of unrequited requests for legal assistance, the Russian Federation supplied the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (PPS) with the underlying data of these images on 26 October, 2016. Since then, these data have been carefully and thoroughly investigated. This investigation has revealed that the data were supplied in an unusual format. Rules set forth by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) include requirements for radar data used in international investigations. Data complying with these requirements can be interpreted and verified responsibly for any manipulations and errors. Despite the fact that the Russian Federation is a member state of the Convention of International Civil Aviation and has acknowledged the aforementioned ICAO rules, the data supplied by the Russian Federation do not comply with these requirements. This has complicated the analysis of these data considerably. As such, the PPS has had to enlist the assistance of external experts for this analysis, which will mean delays in the investigation. The PPS will also pose further questions to the Russian Federation through a supplementary request for legal assistance.

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16 Comments on JIT: “Russian Federation handed over MH17 radar recordings in unusual format”

  1. How’s it coming along getting any military grade radar data from the Ukrainians which would prove their claims that they didn’t have SU25 jets aloft on July 17, 2014?

    Hopefully President Trump will declassify the existence of that satellite imagery SecState John Kerry claimed just days afterward to have of a Russian BUK that supposedly done it. If that doesn’t exist, and Trump Admin DECLAS reveals US National Reconnaissance Office only captured satellite pics of Ukrainian BUKs operational in the ‘ATO’ zone quite close to MH17’s flight path, the sh-tstorm start and desperate spin from the Dutch government, Bellingcat et al would start.

    Dropping a truth bomb on his neocon antagonists and their clients in Kiev would be one way for Trump to push back against his neocon antagonists opposed to any detente with Moscow.

  2. sotilaspassi // January 28, 2017 at 9:03 pm // Reply

    A-A computers that generate radar simulation data are not capable to fake it to comply ICAO?

  3. neantichrist // January 29, 2017 at 7:34 am // Reply

    It’s strange to read abt an especial and distinctive Russian way to store RAW radar data.
    1/ Russia did not provide 2 types of Raw data in ANY format dur technical invstigation.
    2/ The ONLY Raw primary radar data “was found by chance” and…delivered to JIT? No, it was USED for propaganda.
    The raw secondary radar data??? Sorry, it`s impsbble to use as propaganda shit, so, nobody uses it for any purpose…
    3/ The Lianozovo Radar maker of the discussed eqpmnt Utes-T has enough knowledge to comply with “non-mandatory” ICAO`s Rules & requirements :

    Because of # 3/ the Utes-T is an integrated part of Spain made INDRA and did good job at 17th of July providing grounds for ATC to say “it’s disintegrating”.

    Do You need more raw data from Russia? For what?

  4. except Russia, but then there were Ukraine
    They are in the correct format, to read them? There is information about them?

  5. neantichrist // January 29, 2017 at 11:16 am // Reply

    2 vam
    Ukraine has provided to DSB the Raw secondary radar data which was used by DSB. There were not any remarks in the Report abt that data format.

  6. @neantichrist ,DSB Ukraine has neither transferred nor any data that has been declared a “scheduled maintenance”. I mean information that has “found” and later transferred JIT There are official comments of their quality and content?

    • sotilaspassi // January 30, 2017 at 10:04 am // Reply

      Ukrainian military primary radar data hardy comply to ICAO standards.
      It seems Ukraine was now aware any of their mil radars were recording events.
      According to JIT they got data of some prototype radar being tested when MH17 was hit.

      I agree with neantichrist, I doubt there is anything more to be found from any radar data. We see “radar” is used in propaganda to distract public attention from other evidence. Radar video shown 21Jul2014 already clarified that there was no f.jet near MH17.

      • sotilaspassi // January 30, 2017 at 10:05 am // Reply

        “was now aware” – was NOT aware

      • The messages given during the presentation of Ust’-Donetsk radar data were: 1) there was no missile from SE; 2) there was no military aircraft nearby (+common propaganda for pro-Russia audience, of course). I think these data were “suddenly found” exactly as a preventive attempt to “disprove” something that the raw data from the Ukrainian mobile military radar may contain, be that marks from a missile from SE, or foreign military aircraft in Ukrainian airspace, or whatever else discrediting Russia. Just because it would be yet more silly to “find” those “disproving” data after the prosecution has brought the evidences from the Ukrainian radar at a trial. I see no other rational reason for Russia to “find” the data which contain actually nothing against the JIT version, in 2+ years after all the data were claimed lost.

    • neantichrist // January 30, 2017 at 11:18 am // Reply

      Do not remember clearly but some news were leaked abt that topic “The Ukraine has found something like RAW primary radar data”. It was w/out any notice abt radar place and type. Could it be useful for JIT? Who knows…

  7. “Ukrainian military primary radar data hardy comply to ICAO standards.”
    Who and where it is said? And no where is called “ICAO standards”?
    I did where I can not find any comments Ukrainian data, all speak only Russian. Relatives are not interested?

    • sotilaspassi // January 31, 2017 at 7:31 am // Reply

      JIT mentioned the found Ukraine military PSR data in their press event last autumn.
      I think in some Dutch version they say they got only PSR video from Ukraine.

      • Recently, through intensive investigation, the JIT found another video file containing relevant primary radar data of the area which had been recorded by a mobile radar in Ukraine. At the time, this radar was used to test new software. Although it had a limited range, it still detected flight MH17 and this completes the image further.

        There is no longer any public statements, if I’m wrong, give the link. I am surprised by the hype surrounding the one hand and the complete silence of the other data.

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