JIT likely went to Zaroshchens’ke to take soil samples

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The image below shows member of JIT taking soil samples in Eastern Ukraine. The area this photo was made is likely close to¬†Zaroshchens’ke

Twitter user Hungry Wolf suggested this location 47.982605, 38.451500

Which could be the case. There are indeed powerlines on wooden poles. There are some trees with are higher than bushes. The field does not seem to be used for agricultural purposes. Contrary to other surrounding field this field does not show any signs of tractors on Google Earth.


Reporter Rudy Bouma of NOS Nieuwsuur visited the area in October 2015. Bouma talked to a couple of people living in the area. Nobody saw a BUK.

This is a photo showing the area. This photo was made by Bouma in October 2015. I believe the photo is facing south.

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2 Comments on JIT likely went to Zaroshchens’ke to take soil samples

  1. Seems a waste of time when nobody still says that MH17 was shot down from Zaroshchenskoye. Almaz-Antey moved their estimated launch location southeastwards from Z. to the area near Velyka Shyshivka in their presentation in October 2015.

  2. Actually the photo was taken from the road:
    Is this a Dutch humour to illustrate https://www.om.nl/mh17-ezine-juni2016/6-soil-samples-en.html with photos from there?

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