JIT confirms: no information on MH17 in Swiss safe of detective Resch

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Today the Dutch prosecutor who in leading the JIT criminal investigation into the downing of MH17 sent an email to the next of kin.

The text of the email was:

The investigation team MH17 has conducted an investigation to the German detective agency called WIFKA. This detective agency had offered a large reward for the golden tip that would lead to the identification of those who are responsible for the downing of flight MH17.

Based on the results of this investigation, the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested the Swiss authorities to conduct a search in a Swiss safe, that was being used by this detective agency. This safe was almost empty. The content of the safe consisted of two pieces of paper, with some handwritten remarks on it. These remarks did not contain any relevant information.

A few months ago Resch told press that the safe did not contain any information except a letter addressed to the police. The letter content was something like: if you want information why don’t you just ask me.

Dutch NOS made an article based on the message of the Dutch prosecutor. NOS states that Resch most likely did not have money and information. This is a classic jumping to conclusions. Prosecutor writes that the safe was empty, and NOS concludes that Resch did not have info and must be someone who made the story up.

This is not the first error in NOS reporting on MH17. It is a long list of errors.



However, in June 2016 Resch , head of the WIFKA detective agency told Dutch newspaper Telegraaf  in this interview. 

the safe was empty except for a letter addresssed to the authorities. The letter said: “if you are looking for information, why don’t you just ask me”


Dutch pressagency ANP copied the NOS article, put a label ‘mediawatch’ on it and redistributed it to its customers. Only Telegraaf and The Post Online copied the ANP article.

Remarkable the Telegraaf copies the NOS article in an article which states “German agency lied about MH17”.  The article was not written by the two Telegraaf journalists who interviewed Resch and knows the most of MH17.


Later on the same evening Telegraaf journalist Jolande van der Graaf corrects the original Telegraaf article and makes this article. Van der Graaf interviewed Resch (head of Wifka) in june 2016.


At November 1 at around 12:00 the heading of the article and the text were adjusted reflecting what actually was communicated by the Dutch prosecutor.



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