Is this the track of the BUK which shot down MH17 ?

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Google recently added new satellite photos of East Ukraine. When in Google Earth date July 20 2014 is selected an interesting track can be spotted in an area south of Snizhne. Snizhne is said to be the area where the missile was launched.  Bellingcat has a couple of articles on the route of the BUK.

This track is about 2 km  long and is not typical for a farmer vehicle. There are no parallel lines. It seems the vehicle was on a straight course. Also the tracks seem to different in width than seen in nearby fields.

Extra interesing is where the tracks start (or end, we do not know). That is next to the road numbered T0522. On exactly this road a BUK was filmed on July 17 travelling South! Ukraine@war has a blogposting about the route including the video showing the BUK.

The photo on the left shows the BUK in Snizhne. Actually very close to the headquarters of the separatists. The other photo shows the BUK leaving Snizhne heading south on the T0522.

The range of the missile type used by BUK TELAR is about 32 km. The tracks shown in the image below are at the most around 25 km from the point where MH17 was likely hit by a missile.

Of course this track could be from any other type of military vehicle. However it is an interesing track.

This image shows the track.Snizhne is just north of this Google Earth screenshot.


The track starts at  47°59’47.61″N  38°45’55.21″O as seen in the picture below.



At  47°58’48.86″N  38°45’50.82″O the track makes a turn. Now there are two tracks.


Where the track ends is not clear.


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4 Comments on Is this the track of the BUK which shot down MH17 ?

  1. There are actually two tracks if you look closely at the Google Earth images. They appear to end at large objects sitting near the fields that appear to be the size of tank, around 25 ft. long each.

    Coordinates of the objects are:
    1) 47^59’00.26″N, 38^45’26.89″E
    2) 47^59’03.56″N, 38^46’21.20″E

    There is also what appears to be a visible isolated scorchmark at the following coordinates:
    47^59’04.26″N, 38^46’24.39″E

  2. Could this be the track of a Buk? Could your article be any more flimsy or speculative one might ask instead.

  3. You say “the photo on the left shows the buk in Snizhene.”
    But this is not true unless you can show
    1. When the photo was taken
    2.What buk is in the photo
    3. That the photo is real and not a fake.

    • My comment on those tracks.

      -wider than tractor
      -it has been a tracked device, guided with brakes
      -it seems like two tracked APC/Tank has been scouting on the area
      -I wonder if those fields grow wheat? I would not consider using dry “ready to be harvested” field to launch a SAM.
      -it does not make sence that those track marks are both done by BUK. So far we have no evidence of two BUK launchers, so if those trackmarks are made by a BUK it would mean it would have travelled zig zag over fields twice.

      When having only one launcher, weighting 30ton, filled with sensitive electronics, I would take it down from a lowloader as close to launch site as possible.

      So, IMO: have to say, those are not made by BUK.

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