Is this window part of MH17?

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This window was found at the MH17 crash site. It has what looks like holes made by shrapnel. Was this window part of MH17?

Update September: the window is most likely part of an Antonov 12 or 30 transport aircraft. See below.

An Antonov 30

It was found here. 10 km north-northwest of where the cockpit was found. More information at

window_location_01 window_location_02

toothtest window_00 window_01

fR0Y7window_02 window_03 window_04 Wwy8r


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3 Comments on Is this window part of MH17?

  1. Looks more like the front window of a SU-25 or maybe a helicopter.
    The small hole is the side where the projectile entered.
    Looks like it came from the inside???

  2. To NNW 48°12’15.6″N 38°30’14.4″E, by Kumshats’ke, of course it had a lot of drag and fell down about 8 km north of the plane crash which was at : 48º07’37.7 “N; 38º31’34.7 “E, SW of Petropavlivka.

    Earlier findings:
    Petropavlivka – flight deck window with shrapnel damage, both forward door frames, overhead bins, engine pod parts, lower forward fargo floor

    9H314: 2 types: paralellopipidum
    9H314M: 3 types: I-profile (missiles 9M38M1)

    I would say it is parallelepiped.

  3. Nice job admin and thanks for keeping us informed.
    It is hard to tell from the list of aircraft losses by UA if they describe the place the plane was hit in the sky, or the place it crashed into the Earth and its trajectory at the time.
    I am guessing it could have traveled from the location reported a distance before it hit the ground but I think it is too far.

    This site says one was shot down near Drobyshevo on 6 June 2014.
    Still a ways away.
    Which is – 49° 2’21.13″N 37°43’42.23″E
    Which is about 60 miles North of Slavyansk.

    It does seem to be too thin for bulletproof glass, and does not seem to be a 777 glass because they are double panned and thicker also.

    From your shot of the nose, I do think it is probably a AN30 they reported shot down.
    But that is quite a distance to travel, unless someone picked it up and moved it, maybe tried to pass it off and fraudulently sell it to MH17 recovery crews and those crews did not buy it, so the guy just threw it out on the side of the road.

    On was reportedly shot at around Slavyansk in April, but made it back to base.
    No telling what the damage and missing parts were.
    That puts it a little closer.
    It is reportedly hit by ZSU 23 mm, which is close to these penetration sizes if you consider part of the bullet will break apart trying to penetrate.
    These look closer to 15 mm size holes which would conform to the ballistics of the bullet reforming as it penetrates.
    This has some info about that vehicle

    Maximum altitude range is 5.1 km, but most effective range is 1.5 km.
    It has a good range of identification radar from what it says on the wiki site.
    I would think it is most likely the one from April 22 2014 hit near Slavyansk and it most likely fell to Earth where it was found.
    Not saying the other scenarios are not possible.

    Still not a 777 part.

    Fare thee well

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