Investigation of the alleged ‘BUK which shot down MH17’ video

This is a video which is claimed by some showing the operations inside the Ukraine BUK. The BUK is said to be targeting MH17.

Lets investigate. I need your help.

Someone in the video calls out a speed 250. MH17 flew at a speed at around 490 knots (907 km/h or 287 miles per hour) which is 251 meters per second. The computed airspeed recorded by the flight data recorder was 300 knots.

The video has english subtitles in the MH17 Inquiry video

A longer edition in Ukraine? or Russian language is here

So what language do the people talk?

What do we see in the video? Does it make sense?

Are the subtitles correct?


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  1. Very bad actors speak (scream out) in unnatural Russian with simulated intonations, trying to imitate some Ukrainian accent. Vocabulary is typical for peoples from Russia.

    • Don’t forget that it was allegedly the 53rd Air Defens Brigade that was responsible.
      An analogy would be people from Flanders trying to impersonate East Friesians and give away their origin as German citizens through their Fake Dutch accent.

  2. Video is fake. Here are real emotions from real launch of 9K33 Osa:

    But that fake may be created one the sides (Russian or Ukraine) to defend yourself. Info from dialogue show BUK position from Zaroshchenske. Azimuth’s data from video (webtalk):

  3. They speak Russian as most Ukrainian military men. The accent is typical for East part of Ukraine or South-West of Russia. There are no voices with accents from other parts of Russia.

    No idea what procedures are used in Buk, but announcing the exact time and date does not sound logical, there should be no voice recording for logging commands in military equipment.

  4. Alternatively. Suppose that at whom that is a record, but owner original to show does not want and staging shows, presentation of what he has.

  5. Seems stilted and staged and designed to pretend there is a panic,also misses out it seems on the most important part, the launch.

  6. Besides the version with BUK other does not exist?

  7. Michael Kobs // July 25, 2016 at 8:04 am // Reply

    The time in the video started 16:07. That’s 13 min prior to last FDR. That means MH17 would be ~160km away from last FDR and close to Losowa. Going back about 80km to see it at an azimuth of 310° you would end up close to Dobropillya.
    That’s 113km away from Zaroshchenske and finally would shoot from behind the airplane (if they ever found a new fuse).

  8. Michael Kobs // July 25, 2016 at 11:13 am // Reply

    Btw, that video from a SBU source is edited. So even the timeline is pure speculation without any proof.

  9. Here is part 4:
    Interestingly the commenter left out the Netherlands in his list of the countries of origin of the victims…

    But while it may be true that we will never find out who pushed the “Pusk” button, we do know that the Ukraine Government faced the choice of either continue to cash in from overfly rights, or provide safety to airline passengers, and chose the former.

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